How do you determine your rate?

Let me start off by saying that I won't be calling anyone out on this topic nor do I want anyone else to. I'm also not here to complain about what a Pro decides to list as their charge rates at, I know each person is different in their reason to do so and many times there are other options if I feel the person is simply setting it high because they can with no other reason for it.

All that said, I am genuinely interested in how someone, both a seasoned Pro or someone starting out and wanting to become a Pro, decides what hourly rate to charge. I've seen some profiles that go through and list certifications, degrees, and/or training list from $60-80/hour and some profiles list 8-10 random single words describing their personality list from $80-100/hour... both will be anywhere from 18-45 years old. The ones that have training or an established history for being a professional cuddler even before coming here I can see and understand paying more for depending if they are using it as their primary source of income and what the demand is for them (higher demand could be great for raising the rate, or because you have a high demand keeping the rate low for a better service means more options and a steady business), but profiles that have no experience yet the person is young and/or cute and this is more of a side thing to them seems more as though they are relying on their attractiveness to up the cost than being any good at cuddling.
Over the last year I've booked time with Pros that are in their early, mid, or late 20s to early or mid 30s and talked with some that were comfortable about it to get their understanding and reasoning behind it. Some it is their primary source of income and they have a steady demand so they've kept it at about $60-80, some only have a rare cuddler every so often and will do it for $50-100, some see it as a little extra cash and enjoy cuddling for $50, while others see it as extra cash and it's only about the money for $80+.

For me, I'm more inclined to book time with someone around $50-70/hour as I find a 4 hour session is my general go-to for a great cuddle session length and that tends to stay within a decent budget... the $80-100+/hour being a rarity that, to me, isn't very affordable and can't be done as often for the multiple hours like I prefer to do.
I'll leave out anything to do with discounts for things like multiple hours, specials for birthdays or if you're getting a hotel, and things like that as those can vary wildly.

So for Pros, what is your thought process for choosing your hourly rate?
And for the non-pros, what is your thought process when basing who you'll choose to hire.. price, location, looks, karma, etc..?


  • @reurbo- I'm sure all pros have their reasons for charging what they think they are worth, so I will only speak for myself. When I first started on this site, I was charging $60/hr. I was already a pro when I joined but I was new here so I started low to attract my base clients. As I became more established here, I slowly raised my rate. You must always keep in mind that while Cuddle Comfort is free to the client, it is NOT free to the pro. If we charge $90 an hour we are actually only making $76.50.

    I also don't think you can disregard discounts offered. They are offered for a reason. Think about if your boss called you into work for 1 hour. When I was a hospital therapist and on call and went in for an hour, they paid a minimum of 4 hrs. to make it worth my time. For every 1 hour cuddle session, I have invested AT LEAST 3 hours of my time. I offer a ton of discounts that make cuddling more affordable. These can all be found on my profile. For instance, although I charge $90/hr. a cuddle is only $80/hr if you pay 50% when you book. I always offer multiple hour discounts, packaged cuddles, buy 9 hours get 10th free, save 20% if you buy a ten hour package that can be used as you see fit, a refer-a-friend discount and monthly specials.

    What I think you don't see is the behind the scene time, energy and money it takes to have a successful cuddle business. First, I make EVERY effort to accommodate my clients needs and schedule. Meaning, if someone needs a 5pm session, I leave work early, don't have dinner, rush home to shower and get ready, prepare my space (candles, music, etc.). I cancel personal commitments very frequently to make time for my clients. Secondly, the time leading up to a cuddle is extensive. If it is a regular client, the scheduling process is obviously quick and easy however, I stay in constant contact with my regulars meaning that I take the time to connect with them at least several times a week which is time consuming. I also spend a ton of time on advertising and planning my cuddle trips. On these trips, I spend 2 nights every week in a hotel in a different city to cuddle. I pay for the hotel and all expenses myself without increasing my price. I pay for my marketing materials, including my website. Also, starting January 1, 2018, I will be paying taxes on my cuddle income.

    All of that being said, I LOVE WHAT I DO! I will spare you all the mushy, gushy reasons why I love to cuddle and I will also not get into all of the reasons that I am worth $90/hr. You can read my Karma for that.

  • @Scarlette THANK YOU! Thank you for all that info! While I know that you can only speak for yourself, it is wonderful to hear that you put so much of yourself into this profession and for each of your clients. I knew Pros were charged a fee to use the site for finding clients, though I didn't know how much and if it was a flat rate or by the hour sort of thing. I know from experience that the more planning put into making something memorable the more effortless it seems to the other person.
    The only reason I was excluding discounts was in keeping it simple since there are a number of ways to have discounts. Some will take a percentage off for certain reasons, others will add a free half hour or hour for the same reason as a different Pro, and so on. The great thing is that more and more are offering discounts to help with maybe having a 3 hour session instead of a 2 hour one or if money is tight, but are really needing cuddle time they can still get a good length of a cuddle session.

    Please please please, if you ever find yourself heading to the Dallas/Ft Worth area in Texas, let me know. I'd love to have a cuddle session with you ^_^

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