Best Auto Correct Fails

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Hi, everyone! ^0^ One of the only things I love as much as I love cuddles is to laugh and share that laughter with others, and one of my favorite ways to do it--being an English / Writing nerd as I am--is word play and just language faux pas in general. In this day and age, auto correct seems to provide a wealth of errors to amuse; I'm sure we've all seen at least one good one or even made one ourselves, so let's see your best blunders~ allow me to start with some ones that I found.


  • @tallteddy That was beautiful, thank you, haha. x3

  • Omg!! So funny I love those! Seriously cracking up. I have some too but I don't know if they are too dirty dont wanna get a ban. lol

  • Love the country name puns. I'm a sucker for bad puns. "How much do you want Tibet me that she gets greece on the good china?"

    If you ever meet me in person, you've been warned. LOL

  • @quietman775 xD I love bad puns, too! Bring it on, lol.

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    I'm a huge Marvel nerd who loves all the connected MCU films. When a friend and I were texting about Infinity War, Thanos was inadvertently corrected to Santos. It reminded me of the "Santos L. Halper" gag from The Simpsons, referring to a credit card being sent to the family dog, Santa's Little Helper. Avengers vs. Santos! Who wouldn't pay to see that? :p

  • @VIPirate Haha... oh, dear... I have a feeling that the dog is at a bit of a disadvantage.

  • [Deleted User]VIPirate (deleted user)

    @Lorelei No need to worry. The Avengers would not go to war with a sweet domestic companion. I surmise that this Santos is actually Thanos' evil Portuguese cousin. ;)

  • Had a good laugh. Thanks. Some of us have autocorrect disabled. I trust my own spelling more than the programmers of my dumbphone. Apparently avoids a lot of miscommunications as well. Sorry if I misspelled anything in this comment.

  • This is apparently why I come to this site.

  • @Lorelei I loved "actions speak louder than wombats"! :)

    Here are some of my favourites ...

    And these ones aren't autocorrect fails, just funny ..,

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    Thanks for sharing. I love word plays and puns some times, they can be fun! :)

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    ... bad connection I'll post another time.


  • ok ok these crack me up. dont report me please!!! lol

  • @respectful @o0ashley Oh god, hahaha... thank you both, I was having a frustrating time with some stuff today and I feel much better. x3

  • These are awesome. Great post idea!

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    These are great, brightened up my work break =)

  • Some more ...

  • Omg these are the best!

  • [Deleted User]VIPirate (deleted user)

    As someone who lost 18 pounds to get back to a more "me" weight, the unintentional "moo" made me lol a bit. ;)

  • Just a few more ...

  • @respectful LOL, quite a bang to go out on. x3 If it is the last from you, your autofails shall be missed, after all “Asbestos makes the heart grow fonder”

    I also quite enjoyed The Bobbin, Billboard Baggage is a wonderful character. xD So many fond memories.

  • @Lorelei What does x3 mean?
    <3 Jim

  • @I_am_Polylover It’s a face.

    Just like :) :D xD ^-^ ^///^ ^o^ ^w^ :3 :P =P ;P ;D ;) ~_^ and so on.

    x3 <— A kitten smile with closed / X eyes usually shows amusement.

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    Lol i'm cryin over here. I also love Billboard Baggage. Bobbins famously love bitchgobblet potatoes, love those books.

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