Clients who give lots of karma

@Alternis had a question about which clients give the most karma to (female) professionals.

(Note that comments given to deleted/deactivated pros are not included in the following counts)

Apart from "deleted cuddler" who has given 155, the award goes to ...

20 comments: @harryanna0037

Many comments: @Morpheus (temporarily absent so actual number unknown)

8 comments: @Alternis @JFlint @OhioMike

7 comments: @quietman775

6 comments: @reurbo @yyz

5 comments: @honestBoy @JJ1 @newporthiker @poonie @Rain1414 @Rychard @sgemini201425 @slash @vegansnuggle

4 comments: @bigspoonG @brian231 @calguy1963 @CarlosHunt @cranefritz @elicjonesey @Feryn @JuicyOne @LlamasAreCool @LuffyD @PapaRay @payneent12345 @RaReddy @sdlivin2017

3 comments: @Black_Exec @bluesolutions @choicesvital @cuddle_buddy601 @dangerzone @drcuddle10 @Ed60 @Eforce @elviscuddles @harish211992 @Jesse34 @JFGreen @jj52715 @jmellow45 @joey012616 @Koolbreezie @LaGuy @Machinations @masterofcuddle @mattybear73 @memphistenn @mrmassage @murray @needacuddle007 @NotWillSmith @NVG @pinot @respectful @Ronnie53160 @Soaps @thecuddle @timmyleftwix @vibert

You guys: thank you so much for taking the time to give karma feedback to people! I'm sure they appreciate it, and it is helpful for the rest of us too.


  • Awe I see some friends in there. Hi friends! lol

  • edited February 2018

    Yesss! @Respectful is so right!Thank you so much all for leaving feedback, it really is amazing, and truely appreciated.
    Love and light, cuddle friends!
    And thanks @respectful for going above and beyond for creating these threads!

  • How am I not on this list? I’ve given karma to somewhere in between @ohiomike and @harryanna0037

  • edited February 2018

    @Morpheus: I've added you! I think it was because you left and returned (so you appear as "deleted cuddler" in their karma), and also because many of the people you've left karma for have left or been deactivated (I assume, by looking at the ones who left karma for you). The only one in the data I have is for @CuddleMeToday.

  • Thank you. I can probably figure it out if I think about it.

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