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  • I'm sure I would get more flexible once I get a regular client, but until then, I stay on here.

  • Apart from the Skype meeting or the in person public meeting, I prefer to meet at a hotel room for my first cuddle session with a person. It provides neutral territory as well as people coming in and out are recorded using CCTV. So that makes me more comfortable knowing that people have seen this person with me.

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    Here are some tips from Cuddle Central:

    "There are a number of articles about how to stay safe when meeting people from the internet, so I would recommend reading a few of them first.

    A few things to consider: If you are using Facebook, is it a real profile? Do they use their real name? It might be worth checking their identity, and if they really are who they say they are. If they are using a fake profile, ask why? Also, check whether you have any mutual Facebook friends, and consider asking those mutual friends about the individual to gauge whether they are safe and sane.

    One big red flag is that someone seems in a hurry or desperate, seems to be moving too fast for your comfort level and/or asks intrusive or inappropriate questions. Anyone who respects you will be willing to take things slowly enough for your comfort level, and will adjust to your pace.

    It’s often a good idea to try a Skype chat or phone call first, to get a better idea of what they are like. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and trust your gut instinct. I would also highly recommend meeting the person one to three times in a public place like a café or restaurant, before going to their house or doing any cuddling. Tell a friend where you are going, and what time.

    If something seems a bit “off” or their behaviour seems strange, don’t ignore it. Pay attention to any red flags or anything that doesn’t seem quite right. Unfortunately, platonic cuddling groups and websites can attract people with major issues in their lives, and they may not always be safe or mentally stable."


  • @sunflowerfield I like how you posted the source, thanks for that.

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    I remember cuddling with a pro one time and she was showing me something on her phone mid cuddle when a reminder popped up on her phone and it said, “Take Prozac”

    My first thought was, lol that’s kinda funny which was followed quickly by, good for her for taking the time to try to deal with whatever issue she is having that led her to take Prozac.

    In all actuality though, is that a sign that she’s potentially mentally unstable? I personally didn’t see any other signs that showed she may be unstable.

    Now what if we flipped it and this was a male and a female cuddler saw a reminder on his phone to take a medication such as Prozac. Should a female have more of a concern?

  • Isn't prozac just for depression? I forget.

  • Yes, I would generally not be concerned about Prozac, from neither the pro nor the client side.

  • It could be any medication for any issue such as depression, anxieties etc Prozac just happened to be the example I used.

  • Your question was about her and specifically prozac. Even your hypothetical was for "medication such as prozac". My answer is that I wouldn't be concerned. Other people may feel otherwise.

  • The only drug I might have questions about would be an anti-psychotic. Any other dangerous issues that come to mind, there is no drug for, ha.

  • In my case, it didn’t bother me. I take blood pressure meds. What if a reminder to take blood pressure meds popped up and my cuddler thought OMG he has issues lol

  • @Sunflowerfield about wanting to meet quickly, there was this female cuddler who was listed as a non pro but seemed very pushy about meeting up. At first it was just the normal what are good times for you and here is mine, but when she saw my off time she was pestering me essentiallyb to meet up my first free hour after working a double shift. After I suggested a public meetup she cut off communication.

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    Hello everyone!
    I've been doing this for a while now and it's probably best to use the following safety tips:

    1) No Photo, no session.
    2) If you are a host, I usually have my clients park their car in a cafe near my apartment and I drive them personally to and from the session. If I am too tired, I uber them back to the cafe where their car is parked. I also opted for security cameras.
    3) Buddy System (As a host, I call these people my receptionists. I never host any client alone. Especially since most of my clients are men) My best friend is usually in the guest room ready to call security if need be.
    4) Do not give out personal information (Numbers, addresses, social media accounts). Keep your client-pro relationship professional. I know this is difficult because of the slightly intimate setting the Cuddling Business makes, but it is possible if you set some boundaries.
    5) For women, I usually keep a tazer/pepper spray under my pillow incase everything heads south. Here is why. A majority of my sessions are in my bedroom. For an additional level of security, I keep them within arms reach. Not that I ever had to use it before.

    When it comes to safety in this business, you NEED to think of the "worst-case scenario".
    And to my fellow lady cuddlers there, even more so. I know these tips sound a bit extreme,
    but if you are going to be in this business and you plan to make good profit, you need to invest in some tools :)

    Hope this helps!

  • @queencuddler: those tips are great. Your profile description is excellently informative as well, and inviting to respectful and serious clients. Too bad you are so far :).

  • @queencuddler, I'm curious why their profile picture gives you a sense of whether they're a good match for you? Seems like that's the opposite of what we're going for here...

    And your open bar is the opposite of me, lol. My rule is no alcohol during private sessions.

    To each their own O:-)

  • @ubergigglefritz (did you comment on the thread “How did you choose your username”?)

    I liked your profile as well. I would think that in some areas you’d be inundated with calls.

    I think that @queencuddler says that she has someone in the other room at all times. That may make a difference. Other than that, you are right, different strokes for different folks.

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    @ubergigglefritz When someone on these websites do not provide a profile picture (not all but most), it is usually because they are afraid to be judged because of their appearance. I require a picture because at first glance, I'll know if they meet the requirements of proper hygiene, if they look like someone that I can entertain in my own place or not, and if we are being honest here--if they look like a serial killer. LOL.

    The open bar contains wine, bubbly, champagne (just basics that would go well with steak dinners or cheese plates). I am happy to provide these for my guests because I enjoy them as well. You can never go wrong with a good bottle and a cheese plate :)

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    @calineur Thank you very much! :) You attract what you project in this business. That is why rules and boundaries are good for the client and the professional as well. It creates structure and safety for both of you if it is clear what you both want and expect of eachother.

  • @queencuddler [nervous laugh] If someone looked like Ted Bundy, I might want to meet them more, not less. "Yay, someone nice to look at! I want more angles!" I guess I'm just not good at this sort of thing. Of course, if they looked like Ottis Toole....

    I prefer people with pictures because, despite being more or less face-blind, this allows me to send the photo to my backup person, who can then tell the police who to look for if I go missing. And if we end up being good friends, the photo means other people in my social network can recognize my new friend when/if they see them, and my social web is strengthened. New friends all around!

  • I require a picture before meeting as well, but I wouldn't tell the person it's so I can tell whether they would be a good fit for me or not. Some people are already self-conscious and worried that their looks will be looked at as a negative, and that statement just sounds way too harsh to my ears. I want people to feel comfortable and not at all concerned in revealing their picture to me. After all, their picture has zero effect on whether I feel safe meeting with them or not (unless of course it's of them holding up a knife or something, LOL), that comes from the vibes in our conversation. But your strategy seems to be working well for you, so congrats on that =) Hopefully I will be able to find my own success using my approach O:-)

  • I'm new to this site and have had a couple of conversations with men. They have all seemed respectful. A couple of things did make me feel a bit cautious: 1) telling me they wanted to cuddle in the very first message; 2) asking to meet at their apartment for a first meeting (I prefer a public place); 3) asking if I would massage their back and back of their legs before we've ever met. I find these a bit forward and insensitive. I've not met any of these men in real life yet. I'd welcome feedback from others. It seems they are pushing for a little too much too fast. Am I off?

  • @Babichev - (1) Personally, I don't find that unusual, after all this is a cuddling website. However, other people may feel differently. (2) Say no, you will meet in public or not at all. You are in control. (3) Say no, and advise them to seek out a massage therapist.
    Always put your personal safety above any of their concerns. There are lots of good tips in this thread about keeping safe.

  • @JasonCuddles @ubergigglefritz A friend does this. Call your voice mail and leave The who, when and where of your new friend. Be open about eveything except that it is your own voicemail, not that of a fiend or relative. Let it be known to someone that you do this and tell them how the police might find instructions for retrieving your voicemail. Any new cuddle contact who objects to this procedure should not be given time to explain why not. Walk away

  • Thanks, I appreciate the input. I'll let you all know how it goes once I get a little experience.

  • Okay, just had my first cuddle session and it went extremely well. I did leave a text for a friend to let them know where I was, told them I'd text back by a certain time. I feel more at ease now. Thanks!

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    Can we leave this thread at the front of the page?? I feel like people who feel unsafe need to see this thread.

    I'm surprised no one has touched this thread since February till now

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    This topic, safety, is discussed frequently. You would have to "sticky" 30% of the posts on here. Doing that is just fear-mongering.

  • @rob241 This thread is mentioned in the Cuddling Discussions and Rescources if it helps.

  • I usually have the police on standby.

  • My girlfriend is a cop and she will arrive asap of needed.

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