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I am seeing professional cuddling rates as high as $ 249 / hr on this site. What is the difference between a $80 and $ 249/hr pro cuddling ? Like primary care physician versus brain surgeon?



  • You know, I'm actually surprised there's not more variability based on cost of living. It just seems to be a flat $80/hr on average everywhere...

  • Wow I hadn’t seen it that high before not sure

  • I would actually recommend checking out the cuddler's profile, read any karma and look into those who left it, read the cuddler's own explanation of cuddling and any About Me info they have shared, and finally check out their photos. Send a message to anyone you feel you connect with in your radius of travel area and in a price you feel is reasonable and go from there.

    I think the variations stem from the cost of providing a cuddle, especially when hosting, including any space rental, laundering, essential oils/incense/etc, heat or cooling if not included in the rent, and the time and out of pocket costs the cuddler puts into preparation. I would expect cost of living to play a role, but if it doesn't then that's probably a good thing. In my area, the average price tends to be about $100/hr with a few agencies offering lower rates. I've seen people state on this site that $80/hr is the average but it's never specified in which state or area.

    Hope that helps and happy cuddling!

  • Honestly with someone charging that much I wouldn't bother. That's rediculiously high and I couldn't imagine anyone justifying charging that unless there intention on the site is a working girl rather than cuddling(in which case they shouldn't be on this site). Sorry to be blunt but no one cuddles that well.

  • @COSHJ if all paying clients agreed to not pay more than $80, all pros would be forced to charge a maximum of $80 an hour. The issue isn’t necessarily the pros charging these overly inflated rates, it’s the clients that are foolish enough to pay it that’s the problem.

  • I could say the same thing about really anything . There are overpriced clothing , housing etc . My brother bought a $50 tank top that was on sale because if a name brand . It was cotton tank I don’t get it but as long as there are clients willing to pay then they will be in buisness . Some people find it worth it for whatever reason . To each their own .

  • What I will never understand is complaint about people’s prices . They can charge what they like and clients can choose to pay or not to pay . If something is overpriced for me I just don’t go to that establishment or hire that person . That applies to shopping , spa services etc . There have been so many post about pricing .

  • @cuddlebugTM we all have the right to bring our feelings to light. This isn’t the first post regarding pricing and it won’t be the last

  • sure complaint is a right . Enjoy . I just tend to not hire for services that are out of my price range . I just go elsewhere .

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    @cuddlebugTM you can’t compare something like spa services to paid cuddling. With spa services, there are a ridiculous amount of pricing options out there. There are far more people offering spa services than there are pro cuddling. There are spas all over the place with Groupons and various discounts. With paid cuddling, you basically have three sites that you can turn to and that’s all. There isn’t much in the way of pricing options. You are also looking at it from the view point of a paid cuddler so you truly can’t understand how we see it.

  • I think that, in general, both parties try to get the best price. The seller wants to receive more, the buyer wants to pay less. The transaction happens when the two parties agree, but the settled price really is between the two. I personally would not pay $249, unless it were a celebrity I like. I might do it then :).

  • You do get that pro cuddlers also hire pros at times . I personally think it’s too high but if clients are willing to pay it that’s on them . High price pros are not the only option . Also pro advertise elsewhere like FB , Craigslist etc .

  • @Morpheus you made the exact point why the prices are high. People seeking a pro cuddler have limited choices. That allows the pro to charge more. The more something is available, compared to how many people are looking, the lower the price. Supply and demand :-)

  • [Deleted User]RScarf1 (deleted user)

    People charge more for a service because they can, not necessarily because they are better. Also, they may be getting few or no customers.

  • @cuddlebugTM I live in the Los Angeles area and have searched FB and craigslist and the girls on there are either already on one of the big 3 cuddle sits or they’re under cover prostitutes. I’ve been involved with pro cuddling since 2013, I’m not a newbie.

  • dont remember saying you were .

  • Ultimately, I charge what I'm worth. I started at $60/hr and increased with experience and a large client base. I charge $90/hr but it will eventually go up again. As a new hospital therapist, 20 years ago I started at $23/hr and with experience and additional knowledge I worked my way up to $50/hr. This is no different. On other cuddle sites, I'm charging well over $100/hr because of the fees. I have no problem with clients paying my rate. Cuddlers always have a choice to go elsewhere. Sometimes, you get what you pay for.

  • @Scarlette I completely agree. It's just funny when you see someone new with no friends and no karma, charging over $100/hr. One of those is one charging the $249/hr. But yeah, people can charge whatever they want and clients can pay it or go elsewhere, lol ;-)

  • @ubergigglefritz. Honestly, the reason I increased to $90 was because of all these new pros coming in brand new at $80.

  • Yes, even that is crazy. To start at average with zero experience. I started at $50. The minimum is $40, but after fees, I felt I needed to charge $50 to start. I'm still just at $60, which I just changed the other day.

  • My recommendation to all clients of pro cuddlers who may be reading this, do not pay more than $80 an hour and do not pay more for add-ons or unreasonable travel fees.

  • People can pay whatever they think it's worth. Sometimes you have little option, sometimes you like a cuddler so much they're worth the extra cost over other options, etc. Frankly, I'm currently at $60/hr, but I spend so much time outside of cuddling "working" that my effective pay is probably horrendous. If I still feel that way once I reach the experience to warrant $80/hr, I'll start charging even more. Everyone charges what they think they're worth. Some people actually are, and some people are just taking advantage of the expected pay here. I guarantee you that if/when I top $80/hr that it's because I need it in order to take the time to do the job right.

  • It's laughable that someone can make recommendations for others on what to spend on a cuddle. Some people like driving Fords while others choose Mercades. Some people like a townhouse while other choose a mansion. Some like burgers and other filet mignon. Pay whatever you want.

  • [Deleted User]RScarf1 (deleted user)

    I wonder what the future of the cuddling profession will be in 30 years. I can imagine an elderly woman charging exorbitant rates for cuddling because of her decades of experience.

  • Making recommendations isn’t laughable. People make recommendations every day and others seek out peoples recommendations. That’s why sites like yelp exist. That’s why there are things like karma on this site. That’s why there are opportunities to leave reviews on almost anything and everything. So really, recommendations are laughable? It’s laughable to say recommendations are laughable.

  • Making recommendations on a specific service or cuddler or restaurant is not laughable but telling how much people should spend is something different.

  • @Morpheus what about in the case of special requests like a double cuddle? Would you pay more than 80 an hour for that since there are two people?

  • I am not a fan of double cuddles but yes $80 to each pro, absolutely.

  • Are pros that jack up prices on the same level people like Martin Shkreli jacking up the price of phamarmeuticles? Medicine saves lives and many pros refer to themselves as healers. Shouldn’t medicine/healing be available to everyone? Or is Martin Shkreli just a smart business man?

  • I need to be able to pay my bills. If I can't, I need to get a different job and won't be able to do this at all. If I'm able to pay my bills doing this, I would like to be able to donate a cuddle sometimes to someone deserving who can't afford it, but I need to be able to continue paying my bills, or the benefits end for everyone.

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