Flexible timing

The topic of timing sessions has come up sometimes.

Something I'm about to try as a client is to set a minimum time (2 hours) and just see how we feel, and pay for whatever the actual time ends up being (to the nearest 1/4 hour I suppose). It seems like a fairly relaxing way to do things, and it fits both our schedules because we have nothing planned afterwards.

Have people ever tried that? I don't think I've heard it being mentioned before.


  • @respectful Personally I need to plan my finances more than that so if I were paying for a service there would need to be a predetermined time so I will know the damage. I can see how a 2 hr session could easily end up turning into 4 or 6 or more. On the flipside I can see where for the paid cuddler it would be good to know the timeframe so they can plan around it in terms of other possible clients in case it ends up being 2 hrs as opposed to much longer.

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    @pmvines I could always set a maximum time as well (and have an alarm for myself) to avoid exceeding my budget ...

    As I said, neither of us has anything planned afterwards (it's in the evening) - that's a prerequisite.

  • If one had the disposable income and both are cool with chilling in their jams all the live long day why not, sounds like my kind of party!! For me it would have to be a no money deal lol, I'm just too impulsive and before you know it you are waking up the next morning together and having to figure out how rent is going to get paid lol!

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    @pmvines Well, it's a special occasion, since it might be the only time I get to see this person ...

    I already decided it won't be an overnighter, but I know what you are saying. :)

  • @respectful I have done that. Especially when you haven't met for the first time, as a client I don't want to overcommit in case it doesn't work out but still want the option to extend the session if it turns out nice. I've seen pros for 6 hours and I was sad when our time was over :(. The biggest issue would be whether the pro would be able to accommodate and not lose potential income from other appointments if you decide to not go for more than the 2 hours, where she didn't have time to schedule other appointments.

    Also, regarding the 2 hour minimum, it seems to me that it would be hard to do any less to make it worth the time for the pro as well as for the enjoyment of the client.

  • I'm still only scheduling one appointment a day, so I'm almost always good with extensions. I would love it if a client said upfront that they will be paying for any extra time. That way when time is up and they want to keep going, I'm not feeling awkward about if they understand that I can't extend for free ;-)

  • I've done this with clients, and it's wonderful. I just need to know in advance so I don't schedule multiple appointments. Beware, though, as often I could have sworn it'd been 2-3 hours and it was actually 5! The time will fly by.

    Happy cuddling!

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    I had that cuddle (which was awesome!), and the timing worked fine. Since it was in the evening, my body's natural alarm was when I started feeling sleepy, which was at 3 hours. I had set an alarm on my phone meaning "think about finishing now" about a minute later anyway. :)

    That was my longest cuddle so far; usually it's 1.5-2 hours for me. So I'm still wondering what a 5 or 6 hour cuddle would be like!

  • @respectful - Marathon cuddles are excellent! It's amazing how quickly the time passes when you're with someone compatible and fun.

  • @BlueIris Sounds awesome. Do you just keep changing positions during that time, or do you break it up with other activities like eating (but who needs food when you're enjoying a good cuddle? :) )

  • @respectful - Both, especially if it's more than 4 hours. You do get hungry, can you believe it?

  • I’ve done that before when my day was free from other things. Set a minimum time and if both are comfortable extending it as long as my cuddle bug needs and is comfortable with. It was nice for me because I was able to have an extra long cuddle session, try different things and even fit in a movie ?

  • @respectful that certainly is a first for me to hear someone doing that, but I'd be interested in hearing how it goes!

    After a few cuddle sessions I found, for me, I typically do a 3-4 hour session as I'm able to relax more and not feel rushed to relax if that makes sense... to be able to get to know the person more and feel like we're hanging out while cuddled up. Sometimes with the 4 hour sessions though we'll take a quick drive around the block to grab tacos or some snacks, head back home or to the hotel, eat and talk, and then back to cuddling. The overnight 8-12hr sessions definitely include getting something to eat together.. which some Pros split the cost if they offer it, but sometimes I treat them.

    I'd be interested in having a TV show binge or movie marathon cuddled up with a Pro, but like you and a couple others have said you'd have to make sure that the Pro knows this in advance, is available for doing that, and that your budget would allow for it.

  • @reurbo that sounds like fun! I’ve yet to cuddle with someone that wanted to watch a movie or binge on tv but maybe someday. What would a good tv show to binge do ya think?

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