Has anyone had any experience with cuddle companions.com?

I havent seen much reviews online so I was just wondering if anyone could give a little review on the service. Thx


  • [Deleted User]suzyffa (deleted user)

    I gave it a try, but something about that site does not sit well with me. The prices are very high, and I have the feeling it is more like an escort type of site based on the image their cuddlers project. I can be wrong as well, but that is my opinion on it.

  • [Deleted User]GameStriker4481 (deleted user)

    @suzyffa I saw the site and I see people that are on here as well (I've even booked a session with one). I think the site is ok.

  • I have tried to book a session on CuddleCompanions but no luck so far.

    The site requires that you leave a down payment - by credit or debit card - to book a session, and since I only deal in cash (no trails, please), then that sucks. Yes, I could go out and buy a pre paid Visa gift card, but that seems like a lot of trouble compared to CuddleComfort. Also, you cannot provide direct contact info with a cuddler until after you book the session - and if you try you get "banned" (the dreaded B word). And it seems like most of the ladies there, at least in the NYC area cannot host, so that's the third strike for me.

    And I agree it seems that at least some of the ladies on CuddleCompanions have migrated over to CuddleComfort -

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    Cuddle Companions has an automatic filter to try and prevent people from arranging a meeting without going through them; which in principle is OK, but in reality has problems. If you send a message that includes a link to a website, or a phone number, then you risk being automatically suspended. Which means that there is no easy way to give references and prove you are a safe person.

    As @MarvinNYC mentioned, you also have to leave a deposit before meeting -- which means there is no way to just meet without cuddling first, to verify that the other person is OK. The professionals must rely on Cuddle Companions to screen people, which I don't think is very safe; I don't actually think the site has enough information to do the background checks they claim to (it would be easy for someone to give false information to them).

    I believe the "trust system" here on Cuddle Comfort is much better, and safer for professionals too.

    (The automatic filter on Cuddle Companions also didn't allow me to type "not interested in anything sexual" because it included the keyword "sexual", which is just silly!)

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    I was briefly on that site but left for quite a few reasons. The main one is that platonic doesn’t seem to be the mission for all pros which means that a lot of client have expectations that I will not fill. This meant I spent more than I wanted dealing with inappropriate requests or insinuations an inappropriate session was desired. The site also did not offer the same level of administrative support as we see here.

    The deposit that is required is actually the site taking their cut up front, which is extremely high. Which means that the pro isn’t paid until the session. I never actually saw anything from their background checks, I don’t believe it’s something they actually do for pros or enthusiasts. So the pro has to still do their own screening. They also don’t have an active report feature, so if someone is shady the site won’t intervene to deter that that behavior. The only intervention is through their automated system which seeks keywords but not so much context as a whole. So if someone was careful with their wording they could bypass that and still be gross. Their team also doesn’t respond to emails or request. But god forbid the cuddler doesn’t log in for a day and suddenly their email works to tell you when to respond to messages even if they are initially inappropriate.

    They essentially take a high cut without offering anything in return. As a cuddler, the sexual harassment, shady requests, and lack of help drove me off that site.

  • That was the first cuddle site I used. From a customer perspective, the first session I had - she did seem willing to get sexual. But that's not what I was wanting. We kept in contact outside of the site for awhile. I don't know if that's common or not, but nothing more came of it.

    The second cuddler from the site was must more reserved and it went really well. I saw her twice before she moved away (yes, she actually moved, lol).

    So after those two, I branched out and found this site. I've cuddled with the same person twice and will again. Personally, my biggest issue with the other site is they now have a 2-hour minimum. That's too long for me, one hour is plenty. If you like longer cuddle services, their site and cuddlers are perfectly fine. The deposit isn't a big deal.

  • [Deleted User]czw321 (deleted user)

    Honestly I used it a few times and even talk to girls on here who are there too. I booked sessions the first fun and she was super accomodating. The second seemed ok until she had to leave early and she assured me she would make up the time. She got sick ok that's normal, but then she never did make up for that session ending early

  • I’ve never used it. Many of the girls pics are overtly sexual and that has me suspicious. Someone above commented that the prices are high but the prices here on CC are just as out of control.

  • [Deleted User]czw321 (deleted user)

    Depends honestly some have been cool enough to say 50 or 65. I pay a lot for one of my favorites who lives far. What bugs me is girls who charge 90 and up. Imo 80 should be tops. Unless you live far

  • I keep my profile on there because one of my best, most consistent clients I got from there told me the only reason he used that platform instead of this one was because the interface looked more professional, even though he hated the layout too. I think that's an awful reason but it does go to show that good design does make a difference for some.

  • Cuddle companions I got suspended for no reason I gave no information leading to contact info and they suspended me.
    I decided to just drop the site and the deposit was ridiculous 😡.
    I don't know if that person is real or not but some how I have to give money to contact them no thanks that screams scam.
    This site is more professional and modest. I am having my first session October 19th for my birthday I'm excited.
    I will most definitely be booking her again.

  • FWIW to provide a counter point of view from what seems to be popular opinion here, I met a wonderful pro from there a couple times that I will continue to see. A lot of them end up raising their prices over there because of a massive cut the site takes. After our first session, she and I just set up future visits offline so she can charge me a more typical price (what I paid the first time) She, along with one from cuddlist are the only two I have ever seen. Cuddlecomfort, personally, has resulted in nothing for me. Just my one cent

  • [Deleted User]cuddlebubble66 (deleted user)

    Very helpful info🙂

  • Cuddle companions takes 40% of the price. Cuddle Comfort only 15% but you do not need to give a down payment. Cuddle comfort you got a review / karma system. I love this site, have met a few great cuddlers, all great experiences.

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