Importance of Hygiene for Cuddles - Always assumed but at times overlooked :-) !

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I was recently cuddling with @Sweetmama and it was a wonderful and very nourishing cuddle experience! We were talking all different aspects of life and while in the flow of our conversations, somehow we landed into the topic of how hygiene plays into overall cuddling experience. Usually most of us are cognizant towards good hygiene each day and especially when we plan on connecting / cuddling with someone.

I thought why not I reach out all my cuddler friends and ask what each of them expects from their cuddle buddies when it comes to good hygiene :) ! To my surprise I got overwhelming responses with some very unique and interesting insights. Thanks to ALL my cuddle friends for responding :) ! Not only I got overwhelming responses, but I was asked by most of you that they would LOVE to know what others have to say on this topic. So I decided why not to compile all the responses I got and write it all out here in the forum what everyone had to share. Hopefully it would be valuable and of-course if you have something unique to share, be my guest to add further.

Based on all the responses received, I decided to bucket them into few hygiene expectation categories like Most Important & Popular, Most Unique, Nice-to-have, Eye-catcher, and Mood Busters !

Most Important & Popular

  1. Freshly or recently showered
  2. Washed & Clean hands
  3. Clean Clothes
  4. Brushed Teeth and mouth wash
  5. No bad mouth odor - should NOT smell garlic or onions or stinky food
  6. Trimmed under arms, not necessarily shaved
  7. Use good judgement of hygiene

Most Unique

  1. Don't be half-shaved causing the beards feel like piercing (does not apply for beard bearers). Beard stubble hurts. One of the pro cuddlers said it very nicely: Not once it's grown out a bit and lays flat, but it's like sandpaper before that. Not saying it doesn't look good, but if you choose to wear it please don't rub it against me
  2. It's all about the natural clean body scent. If your natural body smell is good, it would make the cuddle experience much better!


  1. Very little Deodorant or cologne (just a dab but not cheap quality)
  2. Neat Clothing (NOT necessarily same as - Well ironed clothes :) , unless I guess you are out for event)
  3. Clean hair or hair style
  4. Clean cut nails


  1. One of the professional cuddler has created a basket of items in my bathroom to provide clients with items they may need!
  2. One of the professional cuddler said she showers before every session, and between sessions if she has more than one in a day.
  3. Couple cuddlers said they make sure the sheets and comforter are freshly washed for each cuddle session!
  4. Few cuddlers shared that colognes and perfumes make their allergies trigger

Mood Busters - Cause for discontinuation with clients

  1. Bad body odor
  2. Sweat
  3. Bad breath
  4. Anything visibly unhygienic

Hope you guys will find this info as a good share!

Happy Cuddling! Healthy & Hygienic Cuddling!



  • @choicesvital - I love the pictures in your profile.

  • [Deleted User]choicesvital (deleted user)

    @UKGuy - Thank you :) !

  • Thank you for this, @choicesvital. Were there a ton of guys that missed basic hygiene messages growing up? Bad hygiene is a non-starter in basic social interactions - I can't imagine anyone thinking they will have a positive cuddling experience if they 1) don't brush their teeth and 2) are unwashed and 3) stink.

  • [Deleted User]choicesvital (deleted user)

    @Sideon - thank you! I am sure few things are just basic common sense and we all practice. I did hear from couple pro cuddlers that they had one off bad experiences but I didn’t ask that specifically. I would assume too that there aren’t that many out there :) .. I do remember once I rushed myself to a session running late and I skipped a beat or two of hygiene :) .. What I found interesting in all this was some unique mentions that caught my attention like couple of items in eye - catchers sections. I think that also makes an experience another level up! Also, it tells that pro cuddling is continuously maturing to go to next level! That’s is so cool!

  • I greatly admire the professional experiences I've had so far. They and their environments were pristine. For myself, I follow the same standards as when I get a massage: I always brush my teeth and always shower before hand.

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  • My son has to be reminded and prompted on a regular basis about his hygiene and he is almost 18 lol, when I was his age I was showering prob twice a day and scrubbing the enamel off my teeth. Though I don't plan on being naked with my cuddle pals, I am typically in less than street clothes, and am more in their personal space so I always make sure I am presentable and not off putting. Lol I had gone straight from a long day at the hospital to a friends home about an hr and a half from me a few weeks back and I hadn't showered that day and was feeling it. I stopped at a truck stop along the way and used their shower and changed out of my scrubs. into my cuddle clothes. Not bad for 9 bucks and I didn't even have to bring my own towel and soap!!

  • [Deleted User]choicesvital (deleted user)

    @pmvines - Good tip on the long drives stop over places! I at times spend all day in meetings driving across states same day and way back I like to stop n cuddle whenever and wherever I get opportunity. I started booking hotel rooms where I can freshen up and even cuddle up! I might even try out when needed your suggested option :) ! I have in fact used Once a cuddler’s place to freshen up before cuddles. She was kind enough to entertain last minute request..

  • I haven't had any issues with any clients yet. A lot of good tips here. Only one confuses me. Ironed clothes? :-/

  • Thank you for posting this @Choicevital

    It a nice reminder :)

  • Yeah the ironed clothes has me confused as well. Maybe it means something different in certain parts of the world?

  • [Deleted User]choicesvital (deleted user)

    @ubergigglefritz , @JasonCuddles - Going back to the responses I received and tallying notes - I see it said neat clothing and somehow while interpreting I converted it to well ironed :) !But I guess they two are different things. No doubt English is my second language .. LOL. Go figure :) !

  • [Deleted User]choicesvital (deleted user)

    @MsClickers - Thank you! True it is a nice reminder so thought why not to share all the responses I received in a compiled form :) !

  • Ha. Yeah, I'm too practical to worry about ironing before cuddling ;-) Kind of relieving to hear there aren't people who worry about such things, lol. I'm not too picky in general beyond respect and a genuine platonic vibe. Not smelling bad just makes it all more pleasant O:-)

  • [Deleted User]choicesvital (deleted user)

    @ubergigglefritz - very true! You know the one that was #2 in most unique but also eye catcher for me was the natural body scent comment that was mentioned by handful! And yes very true respect I all together paramount besides hygiene!

  • Not to turn this into a thread about laundry, but re ironing, I have yet to ever iron a piece of my own clothing. If I feel something is wrinkled I do the throw it in the dryer for 10 min, or hang it in the bathroom while I'm taking a hot shower thing. Good enough for me!!

  • I too have had clients use my shower both before and after a session. When they asked if I'd mind, of course not! Sometimes they can't go home smelling like massage oil if it's used. Other times they've just come from work or something. I too have all the amenities a man could need, including razors ( thanks Dollar shave club!), Deodorant and a new toothbrush. How about doing the opposite survey next? What makes a clients experience best? I try to only schedule one client per day so that all my attention and energy can be spent solely on them. I also want to be available to extend a session if possible since quite often someone will decide they'd like to stay longer than they originally booked for. I too wash sheets and pillow cases between clients and clean the house. I've heard some horror stories of the state of some cuddlers homes and it's definitely not inviting!

  • @Suzanne I would be curious about the horror stories, though this might not be the thread. I'm sensitive about my place not being nice enough, but I've been told by a client that it's fine compared to some of the places he's seen :-/ lol.

  • @pmvines I am 35 and do not own an iron. Lol. Yet another reason this work is perfect for me. I am not fancy :-P

  • [Deleted User]Kaiterpillar (deleted user)

    what an insightful post!! I think this is a great basic guide for any newbie to the cuddling world :) I would add that to me, a deodorant is a must!! Perhaps one with a light/no fragrance, and especially if you're going to have public cuddles in a park or something on a nice day!! The perfume/cologne to me is best decided between cuddlers because as some have said they have allergies or sensitive to smell or whatnot, but some people might prefer a little cologne or perfume its more of a matter of taste :)

  • Great post! I do have to say I'm surprised that the clean sheets/comforter thing is in the "eye-catcher" category; to me this is a very basic thing.
    No cuddling in dirty sheets. YUCK!
    Also, showering in between each client is pretty basic, or if there's a reason not to then at least a very thorough washing. I can't imagine not showering in between or not changing the sheets, though.
    Otherwise, good post.

  • @PinkLipstick22 i haven't done two sessions in one day yet, but the people I queried seemed to think it wasn't necessary unless you got sweaty for some reason, and usually just wash the body, or wipe down with a towel. I don't know. I don't expect my clients to have literally just jumped out of the shower for me to consider them having good hygiene. I think a lot of it is just good common sense. Do clients find it gross if a pro hasn't washed off their last cuddle? I haven't asked, ha...

  • I arranged a massage a while back and since her last appointment was 6pm, I asked her is she had showering facilities since I'd be coming straight from work. She said no she didn't, but she had clients come straight from work very often.

    On the subject of ironing, I do own an iron and an ironing board; however I would probably only use it if I was going to a wedding, a funeral or a job interview. I try not to buy any clothes that wrinkle but sometimes you'll get a collar, a cuff or pocket flap that wont lie flat and that's where an iron comes in useful.

  • I guess it goes without saying... have your sets of clothes to wear ready. I usually don’t have a problem with it but always have a set of clothes meant to cuddle in and that are comfortable (but still meets standards). Always have the clothes at hand and preferably change into it before the session... just so you aren’t coming into a cuddling set up with clothes you were wearing outside.

  • [Deleted User]choicesvital (deleted user)

    @Kaiterpillar , @PinkLipstick22 - Thank you! Glad folks are finding the post valuable and insightful!

  • [Deleted User]choicesvital (deleted user)

    @Suzanne - do you read Mind? :) .. I already started asking that question to few of my buddies. Hoping I will get chance to compile n post that in the coming days

  • [Deleted User]choicesvital (deleted user)

    @pmvines - looks like iron is the wrinkle in the entire post LOL! @ubergigglefritz stirred it up by catching it in the post :)

  • [Deleted User]choicesvital (deleted user)

    @UKGuy - I think if one goes for massage it’s basic assumption that massage place should facilitate with shower unless they use wet warm towels to freshen up clients before n after massage!

  • I guess I thought it went without saying that I wouldn't have all clients in the same day cuddle in the same sheets (my own wellness providers sometimes change the sheets in front of me when pressed for time - and I expect this), and that I would grab a quick shower in between each client. Washing the body is minimum, hair I try to do only twice in one day as it takes forever to dry. Sheets go without saying are fresh for each client.
    If your clients are okay with that level of hygiene, I guess you're good. I'm surprised, though. I think this is the very basic, minimum expectation when a client comes to me - everything should at least be clean :) I know they aren't always freshly showered, but that's why you clean the sheets and yourself and change your clothes. Sanitation is essential. Maybe my field of microbiology is influencing...

  • Currently I prefer only having one session a day anyways. As @Suzanne mentioned, a lot of people tend to want to extend their session, and even if they don't, I don't want to have even more pressure to keep an eye on the time. It's much easier to relax if I don't have anything going on right after (yet another explanation as to high prices, lol).

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