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If you draw lines between the locations of people who have left karma comments, this is what you get (circles mean people in the same location; thick lines mean multiple people):

(This is only for people who have been online in the last 9 months, but includes cuddles before then).

The locations aren't always accurate (since some people just give a state or even a country instead of a city name as their location), but here are some stats for distance between cuddlers:

16% are at the same location
11% are within 10 miles
14% are 10-20 miles away
22% are 20-50 miles away
8% are 50-100 miles away
7% are 100-200 miles away
7% are 200-500 miles away
15% are 500 miles+

The furthest is @OzVisitor and @AlexBabyBoo23: 9700 miles from Australia to the US (there is one further between Western Australia and the US too, but it doesn't sound like they've actually cuddled).

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  • [Deleted User]OzVisitor (deleted user)

    And well worth the trip :)

  • That map looks like war between Australia and Europe , with USA caught in the crossfire

  • Reminds me of Axis and Allies

  • They were some fun trips and amazing cuddle sessions with more to come =)

  • I cuddled with a girl who was on vacation in the Netherlands. Would do it again. Heck, if someone is looking for a vacation address and some cuddles (and maybe a tour of the town), I might have a bed for you. No guarantees, it totally depends on the situation of course.

  • This is really cool. I love seeing how the web can bring people together, and so many people getting the affection they deserve!

  • This is amazing! I know a bunch of my cuddles were from folks originally from out of town and I hope to travel soon myself to cuddle with folks elsewhere.

  • I haven't cuddled with anyone local yet, feels good to know I'm not the only one!

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    Here is where those cuddles are actually happening (best guess anyway. The location is obvious if one person can host and the other can only be a guest. If it could have been at either person's location and one was a professional, the professional's location was used).

    According to karma, there were 1209 cuddle connections inside the US / Canada (for people online in the last 9 months) and 40 outside the US / Canada. People cuddle the same person multiple times though, and not everyone leaves karma, so I'm sure there were a lot more actual cuddles!

    1100 were between a professional and a non-professional.
    143 were between two non-professionals (it's great that people still leave karma for other enthusiasts!).
    6 were between two professionals.

  • Anyone planning a vacation to Belize? I live in Hopkins Village, Southeast Belize. A cuddle community hasn’t developed here yet. I’m new to this and working on cultivating some cuddle friendships. I would enjoy meeting some cuddle tourists. ?

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