Kids cuddling

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I loved these kids' reactions when their sick friend Tyler came back to school (jump to 0:18 to skip the beginning).

This was nice too.

And this kid with a piñata is one of my favourites.


  • The first one makes my heart warm and me smile :-) And then makes me ponder what I did to not have that much in my life anymore. Everyone loves feeling appreciated and missed O:-)

    The pinata is awesome, though I don't like them laughing at the kid's response :-P I thought it was so sweet :-)

  • "You got a haircut!" :D

    Too cute!! XD And the piñata one oh my god, I wanna cry, what a beautiful little cinnamon roll.
    Too good for this world, too pure. XD

  • [Deleted User]choicesvital (deleted user)

    That’s why they say you need a heart of child or become child like to experience the most out of cuddles! @respectful, as always you are resourceful with some best quality stuff to share with all! I loved all of the 3, each is so awesome and has a message within - true way of non-judgemental hugs, true emotions, and much more! Oh now I need a hug and cuddle, I am triggered with my underlying emotions that I need to charge myself again with cuddles :) .. lol.. lol..

  • I always wonder when I see a video shot in a classroom if they had permission from the parents of the other children to post that.

  • My favourite is the boy with the chicken, he is so gentle with it and there is obviously a special bond between them. There are a lot more chicken hugs if you click on 'Mason's Greatest Hugs'.

  • So heartwarming. Absolutely adorable!

  • Hugging practice:

    Reunited friends hugging (skip to 0:30):

  • @respectful the kid with the spiderman pinata is one of my fav internet videos of all time.

    @tallteddy i know when my kid was in school, it was part of the mountain of absurd paperwork that i had to sign, that i understand/give consent that his image may be used on various medias. i am not sure if every school does so, tho.

    such a cute thread!

  • @galowglass Cute! I've added that one to the People cuddling animals thread.

  • [Deleted User]Cuddlymomma (deleted user)

    Aw so sweet! I love these. My natural inclination is to hug people when I see my friends but today's world it is so frowned upon. I just don't understand that. We are born needing touch to feel loved.

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