Why is there such a disparity in price? (Price Mega Thread)

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I realize the cuddlers set their own rates. What is the criteria for the rates. I see some charging as low as 50 an hour and and others as high as 100 an hour. Why is one worth more than another for platonic cuddling.



  • It's a free market. They can charge what they want. The higher priced girls will get fewer clients. Maybe that's what they want. Some rich guy will pay it.

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    I have noticed that many on the cuddlers new to this site in the NYC area are quoting $120 - $150 as their hourly rate, and most can't even host! That's double the rates that most other seasoned cuddlers charge. Is it really twice as nice?

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  • [Deleted User]TripleC (deleted user)

    I’ve noticed some of the cuddling prices going lower than $80. It seems that there are about as many low prices as high prices.

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    I've noticed a few $50 and $60. Quite appealing.

  • The price increase is what’s kept me away from pro cuddlers and this site in general as of late. It’s beyond ridiculous at this point.

  • Yes Too expensive.
    I don't want to go broke

  • I'm keeping my M-Th price at $70/hr. My weekend rates have gone up, because my weekends are getting to be a higher and higher commodity for me in my life. I'm happy to offer that lower rate if you can make a M-Th work, and I also offer monthly packages to save even more money. It's definitely possible to find more affordable people, but I understand it being difficult sometimes. I just spent almost $1,000 to go to the Cuddlexpo last weekend and spending even more than that to attend Cuddle Sanctuary training in a few weeks. I should charge more, but I still feel the price is fair, and I empathize with the cost for my clients, so really want to try my best to keep some opportunity for cheaper sessions. It's a free market, but I feel frustrated sometimes right along with you guys, that there are professionals able to find clients for well over $100/hr, meanwhile I'm sitting here with ten stellar karma reviews, training, fully responsive, available, and fully committed to this work, and it's definitely a struggle sometimes. It might be because my profile and picture make it more obvious than others that I do NOT offer sexual services? Maybe this site isn't the best place for me to find my clients :-/

  • @mark403
    I agree with you and the pro’s that charge the higher prices will get less clients. Whoever charges 100-200$ (I have seen) per hour must believe their cuddles are so unique they deserve that price and when there are lower prices on here why would a cuddlee choose to pay those fee’s rather than 60-70$. I started at 80$ Bc I was new and didn’t know better. I was getting no cuddles but lots of messages. Now I have changed to 65$ and 4th hour free which in time will I am sure change but only the special. I changed how I go about meeting cuddlers and following up messages and Just ideas of mine all of which fall within the guidelines. We are all going to do things differently but making this affordable for others should be at the top of the list because if we don’t have them we have nobody to cuddle. I just want to make them forget about life for a few hours, be so relaxed and comfortable with me they do want to reschedule. I had a cuddle before I changed to pro and a pro with quite a bit of positive karma mentoring me and I’ve not only changed my thoughts of cuddling but my thoughts of cuddling from their side.

  • I think some consideration should be given to location cost of living and whether or not the pro hosts. The cost of living in Socal is ridiculous with gas prices super high because of all the taxes. Baby sitters charge like $20 hour for god's sake. Also I purchase a hotel room when I host so I charge a little bit more an hour then. The rooms are nice, clean and pricey because it's in Orange County. That said some of the prices I see pros charge, especially new ones that don't host make my eyes roll.

  • We can charge what we want .
    If 20 dollars more will break the bank for you then you probably shouldn't be doing this . Time w / a younger good looking girl who will spend time cuddling ( mostly ) older men , isn't going to be cheap . My inbox is flooded w / clients who have no problem paying 100 + & I just won't see the others , they can get someone who charges less

  • @cuddlekittycat - not a very good business proposition if you're in it for the long haul. Sounds like you're just here to make a quick financial windfall - good luck.

    Wow is the appropriate response I think.

    I'm in the NYC area, and expensive place to live with plenty of beautiful women …. inside and out .. who charge anywhere from $60 to $100 an hour for a really nice cuddle.

    So good luck.

    @ubergigglefritz - I think wow is the appropriate response.

  • I want to be able to defend my moral decision about price by more than just "people are willing to pay it". And to me, it is a moral decision, because this service is NEEDED by many people. My target client needs this. It is not a luxury for fun for them. I need to help make it feasible for them to get that help, while also doing my best in increasing the chance of my being able to pay my bills and make this sustainable, so I can continue helping people. That's my perspective. The people paying you more just for an attractive young body aren't my target clients anyway. Good luck and stay safe :-)

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    Ironic how just a few months ago there were so many posts complaining about $80 an hour. Now they want it back.

  • If the price point were 20 people would still complain that its not 5

  • [Deleted User]Spoonie (deleted user)

    If the price point were $1000, there would still be some who would berate anyone who would question such a price. All the while never actually hiring a pro at any price from the site themselves.

  • Hmmm I mean I charge 100 per hour & have more people wanting to make appointments than I can handle , & keep in mind these are not all rich guys . They just aren't cheap I guess . If 20 more dollars is the difference between breaking the bank for this guy then this isn't for him lol

  • Everyone has a reason for charging what they want and everyone has a reason for picking the pro they do. Your attitude towards your clients and the people who can't afford you just makes me sad, since that is WAY different from my attitudes of my business. But it obviously works for you, and I am still working on building my client base. In today's climate of this still new industry, your strategy works well, and mine is more of a struggle. I'm glad that your strategy seems to be working well for you though. I just don't want to do this work if I can't operate the business in the way that sits well with me, so I just continue to struggle and problem solve. But you're right in that it's hard to argue against what works. :-/

  • If you can charge $100 plus for a session and get it then more power to you, and I have never complained about the prices here or anywhere else for that matter, I’ll just find a cuddler that offers a price point that is reasonable to me.
    I can afford that price point but I won’t be paying that anytime soon.
    Last two pro cuddlers I visited here in my home state were $50 an hour and $60 an hour. Both of them were wonderful and because of the price point I was able to do multiple hours with both of them.
    The last one I had to drive over two hours to see so she gave me an extra hour free and she hosted.
    But young and pretty? I can totally see how guys are tripping over each other to give @cuddlekittycat their money. But to me is more about a connection and I will have to look a little harder but the session will be worth the time I spent looking.

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    @Spoonie you are correct i dont hire cuddlers. Doesnt affect or influence my thoughts on the matter though. If there were someone charging 1,000 i am sure there would be some rich a hole who hires them just cus he can. Doesnt mean i agree. I feel its anyones right to charge as they wish. Its up to the other side to determine whether they wish to pay it.

    @cuddlekittycat if i did pay to cuddle, i would be put off by the attitude you project on here and would qurstion your sincerity based on the comments you have left...

  • [Deleted User]TripleC (deleted user)

    I'm curious if the customers willing to pay $100 or more are getting multiple hours. If not, then a cuddler could make more money by charging less because then customers would be more inclined to pay for more than one hour. Cuddle Companions cuddlers often charge $100 per hour and you have to buy 2 hours. There are young and pretty women charging less than $80 per hour to cuddle in the area where I live. If she can charge that much and have a lot of customers, then people are willing to pay that in the area where she lives. However, if they are just paying for one hour, then you have to factor in time spent for travel (for customer or cuddler) when that time could have been used for cuddling more hours and making money.

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    Echoing what @pmvines said.

    So much for good customer service and the customer is always right. ???

    I'm assuming some guys have more reasons than "being cheap" for not hiring a pro.

  • I found that some pro cuddlers would rather not cuddle at all than cuddle for 80 per hour or less.
    The reason Disneyland keeps raising rates is because they are always overcrowded regardless
    So I can only surmise that pro cuddlers here have too many clients so they don't have any free time.

  • True story. I had a pro charge $80, but she sat there the whole time smoking weed with her legs folded under her. When I tried to get her to interact more, she said that she made $30 an hour giving lapdances at a strip club and that cuddling was just not worth the effort.

  • There are a lot of "pros" in cuddling who seriously misrepresent what a professional cuddling session really is supposed to be like =P Very frustrating. Find a good one, and it won't be a waste of your money =(

  • Sorry $30 for a 10 mins lapdance

  • [Deleted User]creedhands (deleted user)

    My initial thought is basic supply and demand. If that person is in an area saturated with cuddlers, they have to be competitive in charge less. Another Factor may be clientele. Those who charge more expect a higher class clientele, and their price allows them to be pickier. A person with a lower price, however, might be more interested in meeting everyone's needs and it's less about the money. And then you have the cost of living which varies greatly from area to area.

  • I thought supply and demand too. But people in the same area have different rates. I'm not sure about the class of clientele. If by class you mean income and wealth (as opposed to acting "classy" which isn't always correlated to wealth) there are wealthy people who are thrifty and always looking for the best deal and less wealthy who spend above their means.

  • Different personalities deciding the value of their services. Not much more complicated than that.

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