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Have you ever cuddled someone who had so much pent up frustration or was otherwise broken, that they cried while you cuddled? Was it awkward? Did it make you feel differently about your cuddle buddy?


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    No, I never have. Though, I know of one professional cuddler who has had at least one male client do that.

    I've got some pent up frustration to be sure, but I am not given to crying. About that or anything else. I'm more of an internalizer than an externalizer, if you'll excuse my making up words as I go.  ;-)

    If I was cuddling a woman who felt the need to cry, I'm sure it wouldn't feel awkward to me. Hopefully I'd be able to provide enough physical and psychological comfort to offset the negative emotions, and the whole experience would be a net positive. 
  • I am a former massage therapist and a few of my classmates experienced whatvis referred to as an emotional release. It is not uncommon.
  • The lack of human contact can be so acute for some of us that the release certainly can result in tears.  It has for me in the past.  Just hold them.  No questions. No judgments.

  • Once. It was unexpected. I just kept hugging, and they seemed glad.
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    It would never feel awkward with me,I'd find it quite flattering that someone would trust me with their emotions and would longingly want to help by holding them tighter or keeping hold.

    Affection/cuddles are reassurance for me so I would carry on with it and be as reassuring as possible.I imagine it would be quite a meaningful experience:-)
  • I have not met anyone from this site yet but I have seen a couple Professional Cuddlers in the past from other sites. One was about 12 years younger than myself, very caring and quite a good conversationalist. Over several meetings she would let me ramble on about my cuddle friend of many years that move away to help family members with illnesses. She started to open up about two very different guys that she was in love with and both of them were forcing her to make choices.  She started to cry as she was wrapped up in my arms.  After a little while she fell asleep.  I'm sure this is not most folks ideal Cuddle, but for me, I was honored that this person felt comfortable enough to show emotion and then trusting enough to fall asleep.  I no longer get to see her since she is now attached to one of them.  In my opinion, she picked the right one.   .  
  • @Buck. Dear Buck, This is a story which should be treasured and a great memory to last a life time, What you have described so quite common, when pent up energy builds and builds it has to go somewhere and this is one of the best ways to let it go and BIG MEN DO CRY.
    In my day job I can have very bad days ( loosing of young friends ) and to have someone to hold me who I trust, it all comes out and an hour or so later I am Sooooooooooooooooo much better.
    A number of Companions on here have experienced this emotion in clients, we have talked in private, how they feel and how they felt honoured to be able to help and be part of the healing process.
    Here is an example for how the connection between a Companion and a Client can go so deep, worth far more than Gold.
    Good post, great Ideas.
    Love you all John, Auckland NZ
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    Hugs and cuddles released tension and sometimes bottled up sadness ❤️. Keep holding them and tell them it's okay to cry if they need to and give them a genuine smile when u let go!!!! Love does wonders
  • That would never make me feel awkward... I would feel honoured that they trust me enough to have that happen...
  • I have both cuddled someone crying and cried myself while cuddling.  To me this has always been an indication of the high level of trust and connection between us and always brought us closer together.  I can't vouch for those others when I was the one crying but I have never thought less of someone for needing that release.  We all have our frustrations, burdens and broken bits.

    When the other person crying I take on what I would call a "sacred responsibility" to provide a safe space for that person's vulnerable moment for as long as is needed.  It is a very healing experience being able to trust someone so completely as to be completely vulnerable and know you are safe.

    A friend of mine has suggested I offer this freely as everyone needs such moments.... though I first have to figure out how to gracefully invite cuddling (even just extended hugs).  
  • I know a paid cuddler here in Birmingham who has told me this has happened before with a couple of her clients. She feels they are very touch deprived and go into emotional overload. I would think if someone is a widow or widower, or haven't been able to experience touch in a loving or nurturing context, then they would be very deprived of touch and possibly cry, at least at first.
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    I've experienced this before, both with a cuddle client and myself ( and very often with birth clients). 

    Its the ability to hold sacred space for someone in need of a safe and gentle human to trust and connect with that makes all the difference. 

    No judgment or awkwardness, it's actually quite beautiful to have that much emotional trust between humans. 
  • I think it also would depend on what is going on with the person. I know I have been in situations before when I was so much at my emotional and mental capacity that all it takes is eye contact with someone, or them asking how I am, and I just lose it like a toddler whose been told they cant have ice cream. I can see where if someone were in this state, and somebody holds them and makes them feel comforted, then this might happen
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    Or you are talking to a really awesome friend on the phone complete with ninjasauce 
  • Ninjasauce, I put that shit on everything!
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    But why judge them they are paying you for your comfort to hug them tighter and let them know it's going to be ok everyone needs to feel that someone cares this is what this site is all about no questions no judgements just comfort cuddles and comfort. 
  • @pillowfight very much agreed
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    I've had people open up to me and cry during our sessions. I feel honored that they trust me enough to let go and allow me to comfort them. It's really sad how touch deprived a lot of people are. I understand what it's like to feel vulnerable and hurt so I try my best to make sure everyone feels loved <3.
  • @CuddleBunny88. Nice one you have fun and play safe.
    John and his trees. NZ
  • [Deleted User]Dekooning (deleted user)
    Likewise I expect I would be honored...the
  • It would take me a while to trust a cuddler pro again to where I would feel ok with crying in front of them.   I suggest clients don't do it unless you've been seeing this person a while and are ready to trust them with your feelings like that.  Otherwise just enjoy the cuddling and physical contact and nice feeling that release of oxytocin gives you.     But don't spill your fears and deepest thoughts with someone like I did just because you are in this illusion of intimacy.  

  • For me it was the paid cuddler that did the crying.  I have been told I'm a good listener.  I reassured her that it was okay.  It was an awesome experience. 
  • many replies...means i don't have to go first :) Haven't cuddled yet, but i can neither confirm nor deny that I'm almost crying here as i type...of course I'm not, i'm a guy :(((( oook, when/if I'd cuddle, i guess I'd want to.......say what makes me sad, cause life sucks, and I'd like to be able to maybe just ..weep...i don't know. I do, but i don't want anyone to think I'm silly or overacting or have too much self pity. Fact is i don't really have much self pity, but I'd like to have some for just a minute or two. In secret, while being hugged or just at least understood.
  • @Buck wow!  that's quite amazing.   
    Cool job though.  I love being able to be there for the cuddler pro too....

  • [Deleted User]cuddledingo (deleted user)
    @Buck I love that!  Awesome.

    I've been there for friends who have cried, though. It is a good feeling to connect with someone in that way and to be there for them. I have cried because I was stressing and didn't have anyone to cuddle (aww) but never had the urge to cry with a cuddle buddy. 
  • Cuddling touch can bring up all sorts of emotions for people. I have had people cry with me, and this never makes me think less of them. If anything, it adds to the relationship. I feel honored that they trust me enough to let go like that, and it affirms that we've established a safe space. Crying can be a way to release, and that release is therapeutic, especially in the arms of someone you trust. 

    I love seeing so many responses from others who feel similarly. Keep on cuddling and spreading the love <3
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