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Why is it the some of the men on here don't have any pics of themselves on thier profile. I personally won't chat with anyone that doesn't have a pic of themselves. I need to see who I am chatting with and try and pick up on thier energy.



  • Some people don't include their photo for their own privacy reasons. Some of them will be genuine with their intentions here, while others will not be. You certainly aren't doing anything wrong by refusing to engage with those who don't have photos.

  • I only send photos to those who I have talked with and feel comfortable with. After that I’m more willing to send as many as they would like.

  • @MsStressnomore

    Just be aware not all pics are genuine or current. I find a lot of women also intentionally mislead.

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    Plenty of women don't have a photo either! There have been several past discussions on this topic where people gave valid reasons why they don't post a photo. Most of them will send a photo on request.

  • It's not just the men.

  • Fear of rejection based on appearance comes to mind as a possible reason. Also fear of exposure or worries about privacy.

  • It is fear that I work for a mid-sized company owned by a family that has been operating for well over 100 years. They pay me handsomely, they ask me for my opinions and ideas and I am in a lofty position. In short, they really look out for me. But they are ultra-conservative and would look dimly on this site. I have to pretend when I am in the office that I believe the same crackpot crap they do. Makes for great banter with friends after work hours.

  • Just as many women have no photo

  • Various reasons but i find that interesting.. do you need a photo to pick up their energy from them before talking to them?

  • I have fear of rejection and privacy concerns too. But I still out my face uo there for all to see. I am very vulnerable and have low self esteem issues but I still do it.

  • @StellaLiz yes I do. I'm an empath and I pick up on people's energy. It helps to see if I will click with them or not.

  • TONS of reasons. Maybe he's a local, public figure. Maybe he is a Police or Fire Chief. Maybe he is the owner of a company and doesn't need or want his private life out there for all to know about. Tons of other reasons I could list as well. The bigger question should be: Why are most women so non-nonchalant, cavalier, and mostly irresponsible when it comes to their online behavior?

  • I agree. A profile pic shows me that you are real.

    • No profile pic but more than happy to share them after messaging a bit. My choice.
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    This question comes up on the forum all the time. It does not mean anything bad is going on with the person. @FunCartel gave the best response on this. I will talk to someone without a photo on here. I have a friend from here with no photo on his profile. He is in the military. Can you begin to imagine the bull he would endure if his fellow soldiers knew he was on a cuddle site?

    @jrogers318. I agree. You also said it well.

  • I will send a pic if people request no problem. I don't like posting my information publicly online for companies to exploit though so no picture.

  • I'm extremely awkward and shy about all this. Not to mention it's not exactly socially acceptable where I live. So given it shows where I live, I'm just not comfortable showing who I am to everyone.

  • @toolie12:
    So, the women whose profile pic isn’t actually a picture of themselves are more “real” than a man whose pictures are private/friends only?

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    Plenty of men and women don't have photos on here.

    And some aren't recent, have tons of filters or aren't even of them.


  • Some people can express themselves through words and talking online, text, ect. I cannot so picture is easier.

  • I've heard this "energy" talk before and I think its more likely people want pictures so they only talk to guys/girls they think are attractive. that's perfectly fine, but its unfortunate that people won't even talk to someone without a photo, seems a bit superficial if you ask me. I agree on picking up someone's energy/vibe, but that comes from actual communication...a photo? looks can be deceiving is the common expression and its quite true. there's no energy in a photo, its an illusion

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    I think it’s because even though most men are looking for genuine cuddling nothing else, there is still some sort of stigma associated with it.

    So for the men who don’t choose to upload their photo for professional or public figure reasons. So I respect client need for discretion. I still talk to them, after they book I tell them to send me a picture of themselves in my message box. They always comply. So that’s how I get around that.

    And I don’t do it to pick and choose who I want to cuddle with, I treat it professional not a dating site. For me it’s simply for me to know what they look like for my own safety or when they offer to pick me up.

  • If you want a picture just PM the person and ask for one. I'd rather a person have no picture than a bunch of Snapchat pics that so many females here use that are so filtered the person looks like a cartoon. I'm sure most people here with no photo on the profile have no problem sending one if asked.

  • melancholy wrote:
    "I agree on picking up someone's energy/vibe, but that comes from actual communication...a photo? looks can be deceiving is the common expression and its quite true. there's no energy in a photo, its an illusion"

    I gotta disagree, not all of us are good at online communication and better with pictures or in person. The reason i have no social media

  • Once I see a profile has no photo I won’t even click on it

  • @evevanity. I do see why some men don't post photos. Some are worried that there are nosy people who may find you on here and would put their business out on the street. I seen some women profiles where they place the phone in front of their face or blurred their photo(s). As a man, I usually pick pros and I don't mind paying for the sessions. It is funny that there are some pros with even no photo. I don't even click them

  • You can actually report them for that @MrCuddlenity, they are warned that it is against the rules for pros to not have a photo up at all. Sounds to me like you were also encountering untagged pros?

  • @Catloaf. I didn't know that. I will keep that in mind. Thanks

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    I did not know that either because I have actually run across a few pros with no photo at all.

  • @Catloaf. I had a moment, I searched around the country and guess what I found one lady professional who had a photo. It was full body but she was walking forward and no one can see her face. I reported someone for the 1st time who didn't followed the rules. Let's see the real you LOL

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