My client likes two cuddlers. I am allowed to ask other cuddlers to join on his/her behalf?

I'm not trying to break any rules. Am I allowed to message other cuddlers to find a second cuddler because my client wants two?


  • I’d like to know the answer

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    @elletroup I don't think this is against the rules, I've seen mention of other pros working together with the same client. Just make sure the 15% fee gets paid from both ends. Also be careful and make sure that your client is actually looking for a platonic experience. "Duos", as they're called in the world of sex work, are not an uncommon thing for a john to ask for.

    @Mark ?

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    That's correct, it isn't against the rules.

  • I'm available for other pros to contact if they are looking for co cuddling. Travel regularly to Baltimore, Philadelphia, DC, Central PA and will be in San Diego and Vegas as well.

  • I'm in Vegas if you'd liek to team up. ;)

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