Question for the Pros regarding how booked you get

I am new here and still learning as i go along. I have perused some Pro profiles and also read many of the discussions on here in the forum.

I was wondering if some of the Pros who do this part time and also full time as a living can give me a idea how booked they get, about how many clients they see a day or a week.

I have seen references that they get booked up pretty quickly, so make appt early, etc.

Being new, i have no idea about any of this, how available these people are or booked quickly, often, etc.

Some Pros have a lot of karma, and must have seen a lot of clients and others there is very little karma, so not sure how busy or active they are in the business.

I have also seen comments in the profiles that some do this part time and have a regular job and do this for extra money for now. But would like to do this for a living possibly in the future.

How to tell if someone is doing this part time or for a living and is very busy doing this?

Thanks for any sharing, it is appreciated.


  • I'm a client but one pro I know does it full time and told me she has several bookings, including long sessions, every day. She makes darn good living. I have thoughts on why this is so for this cuddler but don't want to speculate here. Beyond her I have no idea how busy other pros are.

  • Thanks for sharing. I think this would be a great way to make a living.

    But anyways, yes, some are probably very busy, are successful at this, like any profession, if they are good at it, are probably booked up or booked a lot and are busy.

    I also realized that many of the Pros are not available during the weekday because they are working normal job and do this in their spare time. So with their limited availability, they might fill up quickly. But i dont know, just speculating.

    One of the Pros i am interested in seeing is unfortunately far from me, over a hour away but what makes it even harder is she is only available after 8:30 pm to see her. That just doesnt work for me. In her case, i would imagine she gets booked a lot for that limited time span, availability.

    Also, looking at Pros profiles, i see some of them are online often, sometimes every few hours, so they are corresponding with people and or setting up sessions. And equally true, i see that some Pros go days without logging on. So i have no clue how busy or active most of them actually are.

  • @dharma1257
    Hey there! I'm a pro. Have been for about five years. The first 4 years my cuddling was very rare and sporadic, just helped me get some extra cash every once in a while. I took long breaks and didn't even consider it a part time.

    In August of this year I pretty much went full time to help me stay afloat after I decided to leave my job (wanted to do some career exploration).

    Then, in September I did super well. Had a bunch of sessions, got to pay off a bit of debt and had enough to travel to LA to visit a friend. I had up to 3 sessions in a day, average of 7 hours a week, with plenty of amazing tips along the way.

    Then in October I made under $700 in the whole month, didn't even have enough to pay rent and had to use my credit card quite a bit. Apart from that most of my savings went into my cuddle therapy office I am now renting to host people, since before I was just travelling.

    Now is November and things are starting to pick up a bit, but nowhere near as much as September. Maybe it's because I was so flexible to travel then and now I am caring more for my little brother. In September I was willing to do last minute bookings and drive almost anywhere. I had to really put my personal life completely on hold in order to book with everyone I did.

    I guess my message is that although I am doing this full time, being self-employed can be great and be very difficult as well. It's been a lot of ups and downs in such a short period of time. My time is so valuable to me and I have responsibilities to so many people.

    Sometimes 3 people want to book me around the same time on one day, and sometimes nobody wants to book for a week. It all depends on each person's life and availability I guess.

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    @ronniedarling People see a certain hourly rate and they want to make the comparison to someone who is working a regular 40 hour work week. Very rarely do any cuddlers have steady income and steady flow of clients. So you might see 80 an hr but that person might only be doing a few hours here and there. Then you get upset and complain when that they aren't able to respond right away, see you on the fly, etc, but of course they are going to have to have regular jobs and lives to supplement as you cannot live off of 80 an hr a few times a week or even a few times a month as it is in some cases.

  • @pmvines thanks for sharing. @ronniedarling thanks for sharing a pro perspective, a detailed honest account, it is helpful. I checked your profile and it is very good and sincere. Glad there is Pros on here like you and wishing you continued prosperity and success in this field, you deserve it.

  • I do my cuddling in two separate places. During the summer I live in Canada and work a full time job. During those times, it’s a little bit harder to schedule people but I try to accommodate as many as I am able.

    During the winters, I live in Florida and this is my only job so I have a completely wide open schedule. I just started for the first time here in mid November. I’ve had a few sessions but I’m looking forward to having the same kind of people I had in Canada. I had a weekly cuddle client and quite a few that wanted to see me a couple times a month. I hope people come to like me here in Florida too! ☺️

  • @Sheena123 you will do great in Florida. You take yourself with you wherever you go and you sound like a very beautiful person.

  • @dharma1257 well dang thank you! That was very sweet to say ☺️

  • You want to be VERY careful about relying on income from this work alone if you have low savings and bills that need to get paid. You will be more tempted to take on clients who you would otherwise say no to. Have a backup plan for months where you don't make enough and be prepared to use that backup plan so you can be more comfortable sticking to your boundaries as to which clients you take on and which you pass on. Any person who works for themselves experiences fluctuations in their income month to month, so you absolutely have to be prepared for that.

    I do this full-time, but have changed things in my life significantly in order to reduce my expenses so I can continue. I love this work. I know a lot of cuddlers doing this full-time and they do lots of sessions. I prefer to be wholly focused on my client, so I generally only have one session in a day. This way I'm not distracted by who is coming next and when, and can easily be more flexible on my time if any extension is requested. Reducing my expenses has greatly improved my ability to stick to this strategy. =)

  • @ubergigglefritz Thanks for sharing in this thread and the other one i started. It is appreciated.

    I like your approach, reduce expenses and live doing what you love, thats the way to go :-)

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    💜 I am loving the simple and small life 😊

  • @ronniedarling @ubergigglefritz Since both of you have traveled do you think you can shed some light on how that actually works? I’m in school in PA and people always ask me to travel to other states and I don’t exactly have the money to travel as I would like. When taking on out-of-state clients, are you headed to that state for a reason and it’s just convenient to cuddle while you’re there or are you there upon request? And if it’s upon request how do you book other clients in that area? Hopefully somewhere that made sense. Thanks in advance! ☺️

  • @Micaconamor I do both. I go pretty much wherever I'm requested, now that I'm full-time in my RV, but I also try to find clients when going to a place for personal reasons. Now that my expenses are less, I don't necessarily have to find multiple clients in the same area in order to make the trip worth my while. It was a lot more difficult when I would travel and stay in hotels. I would need to try to get in as many sessions as I could. I'm much happier now, because I prefer to only have one session a day so I can really focus on them and not be distracted by who's coming next...

  • For me personally it really doesn't work to try to book with someone weeks or even months in advance. If a pro tells me she is that booked that she can't fit me in before then I just move on to someone more readily available I guess. The main reasons are , my schedule is such both work wise & personal wise I can't commit to something that far out with a 100% certainty I won't have to cancel or reschedule. Also cuddling is such for me when I need it I need it in the moment. I only look when I know it's something I need or want in the immediate future not necessarily same day but not a week or even weeks out. That doesn't work for some pros which is fine and I can respect that again I just look for someone who is able to accommodate that time frame. How do I know if I book something 2-3 weeks out or even a month out come that time I'll even still want it ?

  • @ubergigglefritz Thank you so much for the feedback!!!

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