Are they smiling/laughing or crying/sad?


  • They're experiencing rapturous joy—they are within touching-distance of their god. This is not unlike how some people would react to The Beatles. However, I don't think anyone claimed that the Fab Four had divine blood, or that they were responsible for your survival.

    It's critical to remember that these people have the same cognitive functions as you or I. What separates you from those in the wacky photo, dear reader, is one simple matter: where you happened to be born.

  • I think their divine god told them the bathroom was broken.

  • It's fear and exaggeration of being overjoyed. If they don't pretend to be happy around him, they can end up in a labor camp or executed along with their entire family.

  • This ^^^. I have read accounts given by North Korean defectors who told of when Jong Un's father (Jong-il) died. The people knew they'd better look grief-stricken and cry convincing tears. Some spoke of digging one fingernail into the soft skin under another fingernail, to make it easier to cry on demand.

  • I think it's photoshopped.

  • It does look photoshopped. If you look at the edges of the central figure, it looks unreal.

  • I dont see anything that shows Photoshop. Compression and focus in the image is consistent, i dont see any signs of selections and lighting looks consistent.

    @Kense @quietman775 👍👍

    @DonLonG what do you think?

  • OK, perhaps it just FEELS photoshopped.

    He's brighter than the surround.There's a bit of a black line on both of the outer sides of his arms. His face is a bit more in focus than the faces around him. Of the two women right in front of him, the one on the right has a slight black line along her cheek that I don't think is her hair.

    However, here' s a convincing video that makes it look like this really happened, so perhaps, yet again, I'm smokin' dope.

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    Nope, no dope!

    It took me a few looks cuz I was looking for a hair like line but then I saw the line of to the side of her mouth and that is PS. They cut the center of the face out and replaced it. Same with the girl next to her. You can see a straight line vertically grey skin on one side and redder skin on the other and the same on the other side of her face and it cuts across the outside of the right eye. You can see that it breaks the line of the eyelid. So again, they replaced the center of the face.
    This is aparent in several faces. I was looking for whole bodies or heads being PSed but not the expressions. Kinda lazy, not that hard to blend all that.
    @littermate you caught it..


  • But I also see the same kinda lines running through Kim's face and he has his normal dumb ass grin so I dont think it was replaced. I looked and can see the same looking lines in the coats, so...hum

  • Yeah, hmmmm. It just has a photoshop feel to me.

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    Who cares if it is photoshopped? It was meant as a jest. A Rorschach test is analogous to the original post and the ink spots are just ink spots until your mind makes sense of it. The original question was what do you make of their reaction, and a digital forensic investigation broke out.

  • Yeah, a fun one.

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    Tedious is the word that comes to mind. Hijacking is another.

  • I choose to believe it's photoshopped, but that the only part which has been edited is Jim's face as he was actually doing his best "I'm the teacher and you're all in deep shit if you don't stand up and applaud when I answer the classroom" face.

    Also @FunCartel if I remember correctly, one of the myths surrounding their glorious leader is that he doesn't actually need to go to the toilet.

  • @FunCartel yes you are right, what the hell are we doing! Critically looking at an image, OMG. I would totally fly in your plane. @littermate come on girl, you are deflecting from your own sadness. Look at you, you are literally skin and bone, eat a cheese burger please. And me, with my tennis bag trying to look cool like I am Roger freaking Federer. Yes the image doesnt make sense. Those poor people are under unimaginable mental, physical, emotional and psychological stress that the only thing that makes sense to me is that it doesnt make sense to us. Even if the photo is not real i believe the real expressions would not be much less "tortured." That is what I see in the ink.

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    @Zundar You are correct, that is the propaganda they have put out there to be lampooned by movies and tv.

  • It’s not photoshopped.

    It’s also not funny. It’s accurate to say that any of them or all of them could be tortured and killed for arbitrary trivial reasons.

    Making fun of how bizarre the regime is is part of what leads the rest of the world to ignoring the atrocities they commit.

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    I would say that it is a real picture of a photoshopped society.

    The wretch, concentred all in self,
    Living, shall forfeit fair renown,
    And, doubly dying, shall go down
    To the vile dust, from whence he sprung,
    Unwept, unhonored, and unsung.
    ― Walter Scott


  • Even Charlie Chaplin mocked Hitler. Unless seriousness will suddenly free North Korea then it is no more effective than humor. And the world knows the atrocities but the elephant in the room is China.

  • I love how everyone has a valid point of view on the gem of reality. Interesting to read everyone's.

  • I would say that it is a real picture of a photoshopped society.

    @DonLonG well said!

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