Nerds - how do you deal with downtime from LARP season?

I understand this is probably a bit of a niche topic, but I'm curious how others handle the winter months where most LARPs typically don't hold events. I get role-playing withdrawal! Anyone else?

And since I know it's going to be asked, LARP is an acronym that stands for Live Action Role Playing. Basically, it's irl DnD in the woods!


  • I have never larped but I have a lot of fun playing ORGs (online reality games). You may really enjoy that type of thing. Feel free to message me and I’ll see if I can get in touch with some hosts of games to get you into one if you are interested.

  • I've never heard of ORGs before, do you have any good resources where I could get a basic overview?

  • I used to LARP around 2000, I played Vampire: The Masquerade. There really wasn't any downtime aside from week to week.

    But since then I've become a scare actor/haunter, which is very much seasonal (with rare exceptions of year round haunted houses). It's a bit different because we would go hard every Friday through Sunday for late Sept through the end of October. Usually for me, November would be spent recovering, but come December the withdrawal symptoms would start to show up. We did have a "Kick Off" event in the summer, but aside from that we basically keep in touch through a Facebook group. The accidental scares also help, those times when I scare someone and I honestly wasn't trying, gives that thrill of scaring.

    So if I had to make a suggestion, it'd be find related/adjacent activities.

  • Obviously it isn't LARPing, but are there any MMOs you play? I'm not sure how common roleplaying is on a lot of them these days, but that could give you a bit of an outlet for when you can't do anything live action. Maybe you've already tried this to no avail. :'(

  • The ones I play are typically based off the reality tv show Big Brother but there are other ones... I played one based of the movie The circle. That was fun. There is a huge online community on Facebook for ORG’s but it’s lots of different groups full of the same people. So typically it’s a Facebook group chat with 16 “houseguests” and the hosts. Each week a HoH is played and the winner nominated two people to be evicted the two nominees the hoh and some other players chose by random draw play the Veto comp and the winner can take one of the nominees down if they would like and hoh would have to nominate someone else. At the end of the week everyone votes to evict one of the nominees. It’s fun because it’s social, mental, physical, and logical depending on the competitions the hosts have.

  • I bathe in the blood of the non believers

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