Music during the cuddliness ☺️❣️

I love learning from others what their go to music is during cuddling. I’ve added so much new music from clients and talking with people in this site. I thought,”Why not go to the forum and get a mother load of new music!”.

I listen to my brother and his wife. Their music is very uplifting and calming. They used to be called Shane and Emily but have changed to Arbour Season. They are on Spotify and iTunes. I’ve learned from others about different yoga music tracks, Moonchild, acoustic albums of rock bands and so much more.

Let’s see some cuddling, relaxing music ideas! ❣️💖❣️



  • I like a calm and relaxing atmosphere so I usually do a nature sounds or something along those lines.
    But I also check with my cuddle buddy and I’m not opposed to more upbeat music and have done some light jazz or even Coldplay.
    The important part is the cuddle, the rest is secondary and can be worked out just as long everybody is happy and relaxed.

  • I have a ipod shuffle. Ist just had Enya. Later added Sara. McLaughlin. Recently added more relaxing music.

  • I love listening to instrumental holiday music. It helps bring a more positive correlation to the holiday season when you cuddle someone and they are hearing Christmas music. They will remember your session next time they hear the song which is awesome during the Holidays.

  • @cuddleversed love Coldplay ❣️ And for jazz, I love Nadine Simone.

    @MaxCuddle I totally forgot about Enya! Anytime I think about Sarah McLaughlin, I just think of the sad animal adopt commercial.

    @hogboblin if that relaxes you, good on you. Not my cup of tea lol

  • @luxurycuddle ooo that’s sneaky lol I never thought of that. Hearing holy night or white Christmas always soothes me 💖

  • Spotify has this playlist called the most beautiful songs in the world. Worth checking out!

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    Cigarettes After Sex
    Beach House
    Lana Del Rey
    Mazzy Star

  • @StellaLiz well that’s pretty explanatory lol I’ll have to listen to it.

    @FunCartel I’ve only heard of Lana. I’ll have to try out the other ones. Thank you 🙏

  • I actually don't need music during cuddling and if given the choice by my partner I opt not to have it. But that's just me & my preference.

  • Cuddling up to any relaxing soft song to relax me from the daily stress.Maybe put me at ease to snuggle up-sleep with a single female that agree on the same thing!! " Hearing holy night or white Christmas always soothes me 💖

  • Tempo is the biggest part of the music I would choose. Lately it's been math rock. Yvette Young, XinXin, Covet, Standards, Naia Izumi, Palm...

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    If you want music that totally blends into the background and creates an ethereal vibe then Brian Eno’s solo albums—Music for Airports, Music For Installations, Apollo, Ambient Vol 2, Ambient Vol 4–are essential. Eno once described it as “Music that isn’t there.” It is a far cry from the work he did with mainstream artists like Bowie, U2, and the Talking Heads.

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    I actually enjoy classical music. I especially love the organ, the flute, the harp and the chello. I also love all types of jazz music especially those that use the combinations of the piano and guitar. Its calming and relaxing for me . And it also helps my mind focus on the sensual and spiritual sensation generated by body heat and touch.

  • I think I prefer : instrumental if we are talking, and with-lyrics only if we aren't.

  • I usually go for chillhop radio on youtube on low volume, I even have a shortcut on my phone that dims the lights and puts it on since even when alone it's how I chill out

  • @FunCartel Kirsten Dunst being a flirt lol good song.

    @hugonehugall that’s perfectly fine. I know plenty that love to hear their cuddle partner breathe or have silence to concentrate better when talking.

    @MikedB50 I’m sure you’ll find a lovely single lady to share that magic with in cuddling ❣️

    @PeopleLikeUs I have never heard of any of those bands. You have given me some homework! Thank you 😊

    @FunCartel Brian Eno has a soothing yet creepy vibe. How does he make that combination. Like I feel like I’m waiting for an amazing massage but at the same time I’m being watched through a keyhole.

    @Bles it’s weird. I love classical music but I hardly listen to it. My brother plays the piano and I remember when he was learning moonlight sonata, it relaxed me hardcore. Fave classical song ever.

    @geoff1000 I’ve never thought of it that way. All my cuddle partners and I talk 80% of the time. It would be nice to just veg out with pure instrumental.

    @Stephen304 that is very chill music. I really like it. Not just because of the adorable raccoon. Lol

  • Marshall Hain:

  • @UKGuy I haven’t heard of her before. I like the style. I might even have to try her at karaoke. Thank you 😊

  • How bout some old Barry White

  • @johnjohn1265gbp classic. As long as my cuddlers don’t think I’m romancing them 😹😹😹

  • I think Barry white is great but I would not choose any dance or pure pop as I like the music to be more in the background and atmospheric. Something interesting but something relaxing. This is why I often have The Dead Kennedys or The Buzzcocks playing in the background.

  • I like my sound machine, rain, or river, or old country turned down low. I was asked about Meatloaf once,!!!, so I asked if that was a dinner plan-??, then I was told it was a band, LOL, I guess I don't get out enough, LOL

  • Meat Loaf was the first music I ever bought, back in the mid-80s. In those days it was a big plastic disc with a spiral groove on each face. I remember the artist being interviewed by a shy reporter, who kept calling him "Mr Loaf".
    "I want you, I need you, but there ain't no way, I'm ever gonna love you", sounds like the CC theme song.

  • Your cuddle partner might have something else on their mind besides cuddles if they ask for Meatloaf. “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”?

  • @FunCartel
    Indeed. Most of his lyrics are inappropriate. Another good reason for sticking to instrumentals.

  • @waynewv I love just having yoga music playing during relaxing times because it’s always a beautiful piano or guitar with waves or rain or birds. So comforting to hear

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