A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

Hey peeps, other than seeing someone's comments in a forum, it seems the profile pic is a main way that a potential cuddler can make a first impression. What from your experience and taste makes for a good profile picture (or pictures) that makes you want to delve further with someone?


  • I think a hug is worth a thousand pictures. Come take me out for a test drive. Willing to create new portraits of you at no extra charge.

  • Pros: Anything quirky or unusual in appearance, pose, dress or location because that leads me to believe the person would be more interesting. Definite cons are bunny ears, haloes, floating hearts, or excessively sexy attire. Am also tired of selfies taken in bathrooms. That being said, I would never rule anyone out on the basis of a profile photo alone.

  • @DonLong lovely. be right over.
    @UKGuy interesting. I was just thinking about my bunny ears. :)

  • I think a pic of the potential cuddle client is always a good thing. Especially when you need to get vibes from it to see if thier is a possible connection.

  • Yes, @MsStressnomore that's how I use photos. I pick up vibes from them. Thanks.

  • What about people who "have a photo" of something inanimate ? Is that better than nothing ; or just a cheat for the filter of "has photo" ?

  • @geoff1000 if the photo is funny or dear, I like it. I can respect the need for anonymity, as I have that need, and as long as someone is up for sharing a photo at some point in the process, I'm cool with it.

  • @littermate
    I've just zoomed in your photo. 😀

  • [Deleted User]brotothenight17 (deleted user)

    @littermate ...you're the best cuddle wingwoman there is

  • @geoff1000 haha.
    @brotothenight17 gotcha covered bro... :)

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