How do I get to my first cuddle experience

Still haven't cuddled with anyone yet. I'm nervous and don't seem to get much response to my profile.


  • @hugs101 I think your profile is pretty good. The only thing that could offer more results is enlarging your age preference. With your location, there may not be a lot of 45-55 year olds. Keep reaching out and making conversation with people ☺️ Good luck

  • @hugs101
    I'd recommend starting with a pro. Think of it as having driving lessons in a dual-control car, before trying to go solo and pick up hitch-hikers. Most businesses practice fire evacuation ; so that when the alarm goes off for real, we are all safely assembled outside before anyone notices the flames and panics.

  • Participating on the threads in these forums is a good way to be noticed. You might try posting an introduction too in the Introductions thread. And message some people who look nice! <3

  • Photos are useful. We can all see that @littermate doesn't have a bad bone in her body.

  • @littermate
    That's good advice about forum postings. If someone was at a party, it would be useful to listen in to some of the conversations to decide which group they were interested in joining.
    Much better to find someone compatible as far as possible, before pitching in.

  • Yeah, some of you clowns have totally grown on me from your forum sharings. <3

  • @hugs101 - You are fairly close to me. I would consider cuddling with you but you've excluded me with your age range. And I no longer message anyone whose age range excludes me. I've never had a positive experience from doing that.

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