Group Cuddle?

Hi is there such a thing to have a group cuddle with multiple people sharing hugs cuddles and switching around with eachother? I think it can be fun maybe ,let’s have your input or experience.



  • Wow thanks so much,all these comments ,ideas,inputs and experiences.

  • I’ve had the pleasure of a group cuddle!! It was really therapeutic. I know that in some cities you can find cuddle parties. I’ve never been but I would go if one was available. A group cuddle can be a new way to meet great people!!

  • That’s sounds great!!! I’m trying to do this in my area,but most here are very sheltered and always skeptical,well that’s nyc reputation.

  • Group cuddles are great! They have cuddle parties for this!

  • Yes I’m trying and hopefully won’t to organize one here ,looks like so much fun.

  • I've participated in cuddle parties and hosted a couple of small ones. These were people known to me and friends of their I didn't know but they'd been vetted. I loved it. We got together to watch the Cosmos series and other times we watched a movie or two. We blow up air mattresses, push them together, and cuddle like kittens in a basket.

  • There is such a thing, but it wouldn't appeal to me at all. I prefer to give 100% of my attention to one person and receive the same back from them.

  • I've always wondered about this. How do you find these cuddle parties?

  • @ReTunr, in my case, a friend of mine already hosted them. We had a mutual friend is how we connected. Cosmos was being shown on TV and he invited a bunch of people over. There was over twenty of us piled onto a bunch of air mattresses. It was lovely. Through him, I connected with some people who were interested and got invited to other ones. And I hosted a few small ones at my place, inviting people over that I knew were open to it. How does one get this started? I have no idea. How do you find out who is interested? I have no idea.

    To be honest, in some ways I like it better than one-on-one, at least one-on-one with a stranger. If there's a group of people, it's less likely that someone is going to be crossing boundaries when there's other people right there.

    Perhaps one needs to just get bold. If I were starting from scratch and had no idea who among my friends might be interested, I might start asking all of my friends: "Hey, I love cuddling, I've heard about platonic cuddling parties. I don't know anyone who does that so I've decided I'm going to host a strictly platonic kittens in a basket cuddle party. I'm asking all my friends to help me find people who might be interested. If you know anyone who might be interested or if you're interested, get in touch. Let me know." Then I'd start telling everyone I know. By asking them if they know anyone who might be interested, it takes the pressure off of them directly. You never know who might say yes! You don't need a lot of people. It could end up a party of two. That's really all you need. I'd be sure to invite men and women both.

  • Thanks for input Babichev

  • I would love a cuddle party!!!

  • It’s sounds like there are so many variations for a cuddle group party,now the hard part is finding all the cuddlers to get this rolling

  • Group cuddle parties can be very fun and great opportunities to make new friends.

  • I have been attending workshops and for me it's becoming my main cuddle thing. The group leader is a life coach and charges $25 per 2 hour session. Her instruction, communication skills and dealing with tough situations is amazing. I am also one who has no cuddle preferences so for me it works. I also have time to get in the door at Whole Foods before they close.

  • Fantastic,please continue with your experience and ideas how I can start this cuddle group.

  • [Deleted User]Sunflowerfield (deleted user)

    Yes I went to a cuddle party last weekend and I mostly enjoyed it, though there was a heavy gender imbalance - I was the only woman there apart from the lady running it. Not sure I would go again but I slept really well afterwards, and felt so calm and relaxed the next day. I'd recommend doing a Google search for cuddle parties in your area.

  • @ Sunflowerfield,I am when organized will have a equal group of people 10 people 5men5 woman and so on ,hope you continue in with happy cuddles

  • Please send comments ideas,I want to get this going by Christmas

  • There is a group cuddle get together here in Chicago on a Facebook group. I have never attended it because I was nervous to go. The person in charge of it charge each person money to attend like $25 per person.

  • Thank you Coco

  • @Babichev Thank you for your thoughtful response! It's always been something that I wanted to give a try, unfortunately I have no one in mind that would be open minded to start one. Perhaps I will have the courage to start one myself and hopefully have enough luck to have enough people to participate!

  • Things are starting to come together,thank you for all the input everyone

  • @Luap, let us know how it goes.

    @PeopleLikeUs - what kind of workshop? Can you tell more about that?

    @Cocobutter44 - how do I find the Chicago folks? I'm not there often and probably wouldn't have time but I'd still like to know.

  • Can't do groups, I prefer to focus 1 on 1

  • @MissVeronica
    Seconded. Cuddling is like basketball ; some people enjoy having ten people playing together, others prefer one-on-one.

  • Excellent inputs alll!!

  • Things are starting to progress ,happy cuddles all!!!

  • My friends and I do this. There are 5 of us and if we get drunk and crash the night at someones place we all just squeeze into a bed together and have a big chain spoon. Also if we are watching a movie on the couch we are just all over each other. It's a lot of fun.

  • @ KatyLee ,that sounds great,lol especially the drinking part lol,I am organizing this in nyc and surrounding areas,then hopefully across the states,keep your input and ideas coming!

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    @Babichev This workshop starts with a walk through that covers everything from asking to move your hand from an arm to a leg to a more open book style maybe more familiar to a veteran cuddler. We also pair up and practice saying 'no" and "yes" to made up requests. We get everything from people who have literally never been cuddled ever by anyone, widows and widowers, cuddlers whose spouses are incapacitated, and life long cuddlers like myself. It's a very structured and safe environment. The leader whom I've known for 30 plus years has some kind of training in all this, I can tell. There's a bench where someone can go for a time out and another bench for people who want to be cuddled but aren't at the moment. It's a 2 hour workshop every two weeks. $25. Pretty cool.

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