Qualifications to be a “Professional Cuddler”

I’m looking for services because of a health issue, and I had a quick question. To be considered a “Professional Cuddler” on this website, what are your requirements? Do you have to show any documentation in order to state on this website that you’re trained in this profession?

Thank you.


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    From what I can tell, there is not many requirements to become a pro cuddler on here. There is no certification or training at the moment. This is from the home page, where it talks about it:


  • I see that. Thank you for the reply, as it helps a lot.

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    @stpreacher If you truly have PTSD, I recommend professional help in the form of therapy and possibly therapy/meds. To be honest, as nice as cuddling is, it is not going to cure your PTSD. Some people will try to convince you that they can cure world hunger one hug at a time. As nice as cuddling is and as awesome as some of the folks on this site are, please don't mistake it for something more than what it is.

  • I see that, thank you pmvines. To be open, I’ve been in therapy for a long time now - and greatly improved! I thought these services might help with my fear of touch / trust issues.

    If you don’t mind me asking, do you think cuddling could help me in this area? I’m sure you know the profession more than I do.

  • @stpreacher I do feel like it can help with fear of touch/trust issues. It depends on communication with the person you are with, and whether or not they will respect your boundaries. I am sure you are aware of your triggers and what you are hoping to get out of it, so try to talk to the person about that as much as possible before hand and go as slow as you need to. Regardless if the person is a pro or not. To be honest the only real difference on this site between a pro and non pro is the fact that a person who applies to be a pro on here charges to cuddle. There are some amazing folks on here who are pros, however don't assume that just because they are listed as a pro means it will be a good experience. Try looking at the profiles of some in your area, and reach out to them. Pay attention to what they say in their profile, how long they have been on the site, and their karma reviews. If you see a karma review from someone that seems interesting, or they say things about their experience that is appealing to you, don't be afraid to reach out to the person and ask about their experience. I cannot say enough to be please be communicative about your expectations with the person if you are hoping for it to help you to get through some issues. It isn't therapy but it can be therapeutic. Sounds like you have already started working through your PTSD with some appropriate counseling, so this could be a good addition.

  • Nicely stated pmvines, thanks for chiming in and sharing and helping.

  • I can’t thank you two enough for your advice. I went to this website with only a hunch, and I received quite a bit of help. Hope you all are well 🙏🏻

  • Sounds like you got an awesome answer from @pmvines =) I concur that there are no qualifications on this site at all. There is another site which at least has online training, but that doesn't do much. There are independent cuddlers with in-person training, but advanced training (like working with clients with PTSD) aren't available yet, as it relates directly to cuddling. I have worked in triad with a social worker to work with a client with some PTSD like symptoms from past abuse (but despite what I was told to be prepared for, I still haven't witnessed any of his reactions). Working in triad with a therapist can be really beneficial to bridge the gap between the therapist's knowledge and the cuddler's ability to add touch to your recovery. With something like PTSD involved, you definitely want to be very careful about who you choose as a professional, as consent and respect of boundaries would be imperative. Honestly, I have a lot of interest in this side of the work. I really look forward to the day when advanced training is available for cuddlers. I have sliding scale possibilities and offer discounts for people currently working with a therapist, as I know that's a whole expense in and of itself, if you're still looking come spring once the temps warm up. I'm sticking to the southeast for the winter =P

  • ubergigglefriz, thank you! 🙏🏻

  • I’m confused if anyone can be a pro I mean is there a site out there that has like a 3 week training certificate or online course to do this? I guess the difference is some people need an incentive for their time and other people are just on here cuz they wanna be here lol? I’ve found it’s harder to find someone to cuddle with whom isn’t charging anything

  • @freespirited There are lots of training programs, some better than others, just not any on here... Once I decided I wanted to do this, I seeked out multiple opportunities for further education. But most people don't.

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