Do pros here really do this for a living?

Just looking at the karma, then it might not be enough .


  • Not everyone writes karma. I have had dozens upon dozens of sessions with pros and non-pros but have around twelve karmas. Some people do not even know what karma is on this site—even pros.

  • Not everyone writes a karma for every session. If a pro or non - pro doesn't like somebody they might not write a karma in order to discourage the other person from asking them again.

  • Furthermore, some pros. do this full time , others don't.

  • @ILikeWarmHugs 😹😹😹 that I do! Lol. Loving every minute!! Thank god florida is an easy place to live 😊

  • What if they are a super hero or secret agent and cannot disclose this information? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Part time cuddles here. I have a full time job.

  • Part time here too. I work full time and attend college part time :)

  • Part timer but also to add, not everybody adds karma. It's a personal thing and a choice to leave karma. Plenty of us have been pretty active with cuddle sessions but many if not most of our cuddlers do not leave karma at all.

  • You must have karma to be successful.

  • @Luap I know some pros wouldn’t agree with that, but the karma really works for me. Almost all of my clients come to me because they love my karma. Almost every single review given on my profile sounds genuine and catered to what made the session special to them and cuddlers respond to that. ☺️

  • Karma on my profile has been noted by non-pros and pros alike when I reach out. I see why but I also think how flimsy it is to base a decision off of. I guess that is because I have karma from someone I would never cuddle again and it bugs me,

  • People mention my karma as part of why they reached out.

  • I am insecure about the lack of karma I have received. I’m sure people don’t want to leave negative feedback but even if it were negative at least I would know how to improve. As it is I think they were satisfied and just didn’t leave feedback most thanked me and some have booked with me again

  • @Karibaby831 - most people don't leave negative feedback (or even less than a 5-star rating) because they are afraid of retaliation. That's why feedback systems are pretty unreliable. Why not send a private message to each person you cuddle asking them if they enjoyed the session and if there is anything you could improve on?

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    @Karibaby831 Oh hun. Try not to feel too insecure about it. As @UKGuy mentioned, karma shouldn't be taken at face value. It isn't indicative of anything other than two people showed up and cuddled. Took me a few months to receive my first karma on here, but then again, I rarely have a booking actually materialise via CC. Something that did help me get reviews was offering discounts in exchange for feedback either on my own blog, or karma here on CC. I stress to clients that if they want to leave a review to be completely honest rather than blow hot air just because they paid for the service, or think it will offend me (it doesn't). They will still get their free hour whether I am rated 1 or 5. However, I suspect that they still blow a bit of hot air, as I know I've done a crappy session or two in the past.

  • Back to the original question. Not only do some do it for a living but some make a great living out of it. I was with at least one who had more work than she could handle. Even part time can be lucrative.

  • @Karibaby831
    I get annoyed at DVD reviews on Amazon, that say how good / bad the movie was ;when what I want to know, is if it was delivered on time in robust packaging. That's all the seller can control.

    Maybe Karma should be like Olympic judging, with 9.n, where 9.0 is a "bad" review, but still almost a 10.

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    It doesn’t surprise me that people can do this fully for their living.

    I make my living as a full time freelance musician.. I can’t tell you how often the reaction is “You really do that for a living? It must be really hard to pay the bills. You at least have a part time job doing something else, right?”

    And the answer is no. I do not have any part or full time job that is not in music. I do not have trouble paying my bills. I know how to market myself and am extremely good at what I do, and people are thus willing to pay me to do it.

    I’m pretty sure a lot of the pros on here can say that exact same thing... they’re excellent at what they do, understand how to market it, and thus are able to make their living. I’m definitely not surprised by that!

  • Thank you all for the kind words. It is nice to hear other people’s perspective on the situation.

  • This is all I do for work and income. I reduced my expenses extensively as one strategy, and I also am on multiple sites and have my own website as well. So my karma on here is definitely not indicative of all clients I have ever seen or do see. I know a lot of professionals not on this site and it's a struggle for many of them. Some make a full-time income doing this work though. I'm not looking to get rich. Just to make enough to live plus a little extra for savings.

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