Big dropoff in pros' responses

Lately I've noticed a big drop in response rates when I contact pros I've never talked to before. Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just me?

To elaborate: I've been on the site about a year. For the first 8 or 10 months or so, booking a pro was extremely easy: I send a polite message with a photo asking to book a session and give her several time slots when I'm available. Occasionally it didn't work out for scheduling reasons or something else, but I don't think I ever had a pro just not reply at all during this time.

Over the past while (maybe 2-3 months, I think), this has changed dramatically. Pros I haven't seen before rarely reply. I'm sending the same kinds of messages that reliably got responses before, but I just don't get replies. I know that brand new pros get overwhelmed with messages and can't always reply to them all. But when it's an established pro who's active on the site it's a bit confusing, honestly. If they don't reply to me (a client who would be really convenient for them, who has some good karma, who's really polite and easy to schedule with), who are they replying to?

It's pretty frustrating, and I'm about to just stop messaging people I haven't seen before. The reason I was willing to pay to cuddle is that it's easy. Just message and book a session. If it's going to be like a dating site, where as a man you send tons of messages and most of them just go into a black hole, and where you have to carefully craft messages and try to divine exactly what combination of words is going to give you a chance with this person, why bother?

Anyway, I've been venting a bit, but I'm curious whether anyone else has noticed this change?


  • I’m sorry that’s happening to you. I answer every single message that’s sent to me so I can’t speak for other pros. I love having a good conversation before a session is booked but I also love those that do what you do. Send a message and a pic saying “I’d love to book. “ Easy Peasy. I hope it gets better for you 😩

  • Wow, mb0, i am shocked, to say the least. I looked at your profile and it is good and you have wonderful Karma! Do not take it personally, first of all, it is all on their end, not yours.

    With that said, yes, you have options to just stick with Pros you already know and are good, reliable, trustworthy, etc. Or you can continue to try to find new Pros here and there. For whatever reason, they may not reply, but again, it is on their end, their own issues. Its rather odd and weird that they dont reply, but for whatever reason they dont. They are losing business and meeting a good potential cuddler.

    I have only messaged a few Pros, but most have gotten back to me quickly. One took several days to get back to me, even though i saw she was online. I did read a local Pro in my area who just joined, she got bombarded with messages and wrote in her profile to please be patient, to give her some time getting back to everyone, due to the volume of messages. So that part is probably true, that new Pros get deluged with messages.

    Maybe dont invest too much time in messaging Pros you havent seen. Just a quick message and if they respond back interested in talking or possibly booking, than you can write or share more, go into more detail. Sort of screen them now, so as not to waste any of your time.

    But once again, this is odd that Pros arent responding to you and no, i havent found that a issue yet to be the case where i am.

  • @mb0 That is strange. Certainly not the way a serious pro would react to an inquiry. Just like Sheena I respond to every message. I hope your luck improves.

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    I think some of the pros are not real. I’ve had similar to what you described happen. The pro also doesn’t even look at my profile and doesn’t respond to saying hello, sending a pic, and inquiring about a session.

  • Lots of fake pro pages lately. And I mean LOTS.

  • Thanks everyone for replies.

    If some of you think these are fake pros, who do you think is creating them? What’s the motivation?

    As with @eddie2sweaty , it’s my experience that these people don’t visit my profile. But then again, legit pros who respond and book sessions usually don’t visit my profile either, so that’s nothing new.

    Maybe this is something the site admins should crack down on, perhaps by deleting pro accounts which never or very rarely reply to messages. It is really damaging the usefulness of the site.

  • The simplest explanation is usually the most plausible one. While I see the angle, I honestly doubt that there are a ton of "fake" pro accounts out there. It's probably just a case of pros not responding because they're picky, because they find out they don't have the energy to respond to a bunch of people, maybe they're just bad at doing business, or they discover they don't like the length of the process.

    Something to keep in mind is that professional cuddling (wrongly) appears on several online Buzzfeed-style articles about quick and easy ways to make money. This attracts people who see things at face value, aren't serious about professional cuddling or don't understand it. LADbible recently did a video with Cuddle Sanctuary, and the comments section on that video was horrendous. There were thousands of comments, and of the ones I was able to read, they literally made me want to puke. How many more pros who don't take things seriously will a video like that bring in to a site like this, which is accessible by the general public?

  • A lot of the really good pros get burned out too. At least that is what they tell me.

  • Yeah, there is also burning out and a pro's personal life to consider. Not all the pros you see online may be actively taking appointments, such as myself. If this is the case, maybe they should be letting folks know they are on hiatus or put a message up on their profile that says they may be slower responding to messages. Of course, not everybody will do this and it's their choice whether they want to do that or not.

    Also, you can't know for certain that someone isn't checking your profile. I often don't check people's profiles when I'm actually logged into my account unless I'm just being lazy. Instead I will open an internet explorer window and paste the URL there so that it doesn't register my username in their visitors. I do this to potentially cut down on messages I might receive from people halfway across the world, but I imagine it also helps people feel less awkward for being looked at by me.

    At the end of the day, it just is what it is. Letting go of expectations seems to be the best way to cope with pros and non-pros alike who don't respond. If it's getting to be an issue, stick more with the pros you know better.

  • On the surface I would say yes it's just bad business practice to ignore respectful inquiries from potential clients. After all the whole reason someone would turn pro or sign up as a pro is to turn a profit and make money as callous as it sounds that is the point of the whole exercise. But as mentioned there are some legitimate reasons you haven't gotten responses. Another one could be that they've potentially established list of regulars that they trust. And right now don't feel the need to take on new clients. Either way it would be nice to at least shoot you that in quick message letting you know or posting in a quick blurb on their profile ( which would actually be better to not continually bombarded with requests ) so you don't feel like you're wasting your time. And I also agree that if you have cuddlers you've worked with before and are willing to see you again that sticking with them until things turn around isn't a bad idea.

  • @Catloaf I love your sharing in this thread and others, you have a lot of good info to share, thanks.

    I was struck by your comment about the youtube cuddling session and the horrible comments left in the comments section. I watched a few cuddling videos and i would say that 70-80 % of the comments are negative and judgemental and harsh, putting down cuddling. I am surprised and saddened by this, that this big percentage of people do not understand it or see it for what value it has.

  • I'm starting to come around to the idea that some of these are "fake pros" in some sense, largely due to their lack of karma. If someone's been on the site for 3+ months and has no karma, I don't think they can actually be doing much cuddling. Then again, they do regularly log in to the site, so if they're not cuddling, what the heck are they doing here?

  • I have had some cuddlers ask me not to do karma. One said some people take karma the wrong way—for example, “She was affectionate” has been taken to mean kissing by people who read karma she said.

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