Anyone else notice or is just me ?

Seems to me there has been a rapid influx of new pro cuddlers over the past few weeks or a lot of enthusiasts turning pro. More so than I've noticed in the past. I can't help but think it's related to the upcoming Holiday season and people looking to do a quick cash grab for extra money. There's also a cynical side of me that thinks some turn pro or sign up as pros to take advantage of those who come here because they're feeling lonely at this time. Am I off base or is there anyone else that's picked up on this ? I'm asking not just enthusiasts but also established pros that have been here a little while.


  • I haven’t been here a super long time but I signed up in May and I’m constantly looking at new pros and making sure they aren’t too suggestive and looking for “extra”.

    Since doing this from 7 months ago, I haven’t noticed a change. To me, it’s just been a constant thing.

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    This is partly to do with the fact that professional cuddling is gaining more media attention, people see that at face value and think... "Huh. I think I'm worth x amount of dollars per hour, and what could be easier than cuddling? You literally just lay there and you can get paid for it?! Let's give this a shot!" You may have noticed on another thread that I talked about a video LADbible did with Cuddle Sanctuary (coincidentally within the last 2 weeks!). Videos like these, especially on a Facebook page such as LADbible, reach the general public. I've admired the work Fei Wyatt and other Cuddle Sanctuary alumni have been doing for quite some time, but the public's response to being exposed to this stuff is pretty grotesque. And it's to be expected, as mainstream society by and large doesn't get the concept of platonic touch yet, much less paying to have access to it.

    So it makes sense that with all of this media being given to the general public, it will attract people who wonder if they can "quit their day job" (which is what about half the comments on that video said, whether jokingly or seriously implied) and become professional cuddlers. Don't forget the Buzzfeed-style articles that list professional cuddling as a quick and easy way to make money.

    The good news is, quite a few of these newbies will give it a try, figure out that it's way more than being somebody's dead fish or body pillow, and that it requires much more work and dedication than it seems at first glance. The professionals who aren't truly cut out for this work will be the ones that leave after realising that.

  • @Catloaf it's also interesting and both concerning the ones join up and think it's a quick way to earn a buck are the ones who want $150 per hour. I haven't seen any of those articles you speak of as of yet but I'd be interested to look them up. Unfortunately I've come across a couple of " dead fish " as you call them lol 😞

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    Here's a link directly to the LAD Bible video (hopefully it works). 9.4k comments! That should tell you a lot. I love this video, I think the guy is really enjoying his session for what it is, but you notice people really taking this stuff out of context and projecting their own understanding onto it, and it's kind of sad. I'm really happy that this stuff is reaching the mainstream, I just don't know if platforms like LAD Bible are the places it needs to be happening.

    Also, here is one of the aforementioned articles, penned in 2016.

  • @hugonehugall There does seem to be a lot of new pros showing up here in Socal lately. Also quite a few charging $150 plus per hour.

  • It's partly to do with media exposure with the influx of new pros, but the enthusiasts converting to pros at an increasing rate comes down to a snowball effect caused by convenience (in my opinion) rather than the attraction of money.

    Because the pros outnumber the enthusiasts to such a degree, especially in big cities, a very large number of messages from guys on the site get funnelled to a small number of people. By becoming a pro they can still pursue cuddles, but increase their chances (in theory at least) of getting higher quality messages/contacts and having better experiences.

    As more and more enthusiasts become pros, more messages get piled onto fewer and fewer enthusiasts because of the slower enthusiast population growth relative to the number of pros/male enthusiasts that join the site which accelerates the process even more.

  • @hugonehugall I have always found it interesting that few of the quality professionals I know (most are not on this site) are over $100/hr. Not to say that there aren't any, but I think people who enter this work because they care about the people tend to aim for lower rates and raise as necessary. People who come looking to make easy money want to make the most they can make in the shortest amount of time invested possible :-/

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    In this aspect I wish I was a woman lol cuz it’s be so easy for me to make money. As a guy it’s much harder cuz there aren’t too many pro guys. It seems to be mainly focused around women lol. How great would it be if the female version of me could make several thousand a month from this!

  • I’d love to make several thousand a month from this 😹

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    @Sheena123 what you don't make in money you make in creepy messages & carpal tunnel from responding to all of us here on message boards. Feel blessed 😜

  • @hugonehugall yay! All my dreams come true! Lol

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