Finding a Cuddle Buddy

I'm trying to figure out how to find a cuddle buddy. I want to just lie down with someone and chill out, watch a movie, play games, talk, whatnot, but I don't really want to pay :( I thought this site was a saving grace, but I noticed that there are almost no active members in my area, and the ones who are active don't really seem to be the type of people I'd enjoy cuddling with. I guess I have a type even though I'm not looking to do any sexual activity at all.

My question is: What are the best ways to find a cuddle buddy?


  • I am trying to find one for me :) I am located at Troy area in Michigan.
    Suggest me please

  • @hotmate
    That might be a discouraging username. "Warm", is probably OK as an adjective.

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    Cuddling with someone would be nice.

  • Good one, Geoff1000. I figured he was referring to the beverage.

  • Yep, @hotmate your user name is likely a handicap on this platonic site, alas. If I saw "hot" in a user name, it would likely take a lot of extra convincing for me to believe that you are here platonically, even if you are.

  • @Vinny393 you might widen your sense of what "type" just to get some cuddling going. You might be surprised by what you discover about who could be a good cuddle buddy.

  • "My question is: What are the best ways to find a cuddle buddy?"

    The best way is to pay for it. That's if you are willing to fork over $80 to $100 an hour.

  • @Vinny393 the advice that I'm about to give you is what worked for me:

    1.) Your profile is sparse. Maybe flesh it out a little bit? What are some of your interests? What do you enjoy about cuddling? If someone chooses to reach out to you they'll have a little bit of something to go off of. Since safety is something that is important for you and any potential cuddlers an emphasis on safety makes people feel a little bit more comfortable when you take your safety as seriously as they do.

    2.) Maybe expand your age range a little bit. I've removed an age range from mine all together. It's very possible that you've had potential cuddlers check out your profile only for them to change their mind when they see that you havve a certain age range.

    3.) Patience, patience, patience, patience and most importantly, PATIENCE. I've been in the cuddling community for going on three years now and it took two years for me to find my first cuddle buddy. Now I have several.

    Put these things together and you're bound to find someone. Good luck!

  • If you wanted to become a taxi driver, your passengers would have expected you to start by paying for driving lessons.

  • Oh that's a good one.

  • As Jack Reacher says, "The ones you don't pay for, are the most expensive".

  • One of the best ways to find cuddle buddies is to attend local cuddle parties, and get to know people in person. It's easier to connect after talking and cuddling with someone in person, and feels safer.

  • mb0mb0
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    ”Patience, patience, patience... it took two years for me to find my first cuddle buddy.”

    LOL. Imagine if it took people on a dating site two years to get a first date. In that case, I wouldn't advise people on that site to be patient... I would advise them to find another way to get dates!

  • The demand for instant gratification, is the plague of modern life.
    Human males should have sympathy for all the species without opposable thumbs.

  • I'd echo the earlier comment about cuddle parties. Cuddle parties have a fee, but it's less than paying a pro cuddler. There's a looong discussion on consent. And there is supervised cuddling--lots if people in the same room getting their cuddle on. For someone new to cuddling, all of those parts are keys to success with the additional bonus of now being a trusted cuddle partner with others connected to the cuddle community in your local area. It opens lots of doors for one-on-one cuddling.


  • Any females in Tyler TX or Dallas TX?

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