Just signed on to be a cuddler ...


Just signed up to be a cuddler. Do the people requesting to be cuddled get background checks ?
Shouldn't we get background checks as the cuddler to ? How do we all make sure we are safe ?

How do I set my prices and where? Cant find it !! Thx


  • @Neatlee, Welcome. In order to charge for cuddles on this site, you have to be tagged as a Pro. This requires an application. You'll get the Pro tag and be authorized to charge if and when that application is approved. See the details under the Become a Professional link at the bottom of the home page. I've linked it here: https://www.cuddlecomfort.com/become-a-professional-cuddler

    That section, as well as the agreements it references, will answer most of your questions. The rest of what you need to know can largely be found by browsing these forums, especially the FAQ section and the Cuddling Resources section of the General forum, both of which are stickied there.

    Short answer to your question is that the site does not perform background checks on either pros or their potential clients. We're all individually responsible for deciding what reasonable safetyh precautions to take when meeting strangers from the Internet.

    Again, welcome, and I hope the place treats you well.

  • If you go to the home page and scroll all the way down, you can click on “How to be a professional cuddler” and then when you get a approved then on your profile you will have the chance to set your price and deals and whatnot.

    Background checks are not done here. It’s up to you to vet who you see

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    This is not aimed at the TS but more at the community and site in general:

    Isn't there or shouldn't there be a FAQ about this stuff before someone is even allowed to apply to be a pro?

    Or am I just being a wee bit finicky?

  • I totally agree with @chococuddles on this . @Mark ?

  • I've been meaning to add a mini FAQ on that page but never got down to it.

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    @Neatlee ..There are pro cuddlers who will
    Be happy to answer your questions and give you some pointers, tips ... etc on this website , and another website . Ask around and schedule a paid session with them . They will demonstrate some useful cuddling positions also .

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