Anime and cuddling

am i the only one that thinks this is amazing?? LOL someone reply to this


  • Right up my alley!

  • Awesome user name @ThePillow.

  • Avoid anything with romance, ecchi, and non-Japanese dubbing, and I'm in!

    ...Me? Picky about my anime? Nooo.

  • Littermate I feel like you are up for pretty much anything lol, correct me if I’m wrong

  • @freespirited close, but not anything. Anything fun, sincere, authentic, playful and platonic. I'd try almost anything once if it didn't involve anyone getting hurt.

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    "I feel you are pretty much up for anything"
    Maybe you should try making comments like that in a bar, and see how long before you get thrown out. Just make sure your accident insurance is up to date.

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  • I think his comment was kind of innocent actually. I didn't take offense. He's a little rough around thr edges but he's goodhearted I believe.

  • "Hi lady, is this man bothering you ?"

  • :)
    Thanks for the heart behind your protectiveness.

  • I just started "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" (Dio needs to take several chill pills. Shit isn't that serious), "Kill la Kill". A snuggle with a fellow anime enthusiast is brill.

  • I love anime, this is the best idea!!

  • im hapy you guys like the idea!!

  • @Zaquia right?? such a good idea LOL

  • @AceofCuddles LOL OMG JOJOS IS SOOO GOOOOOOOD! DIO is my dude lol

  • @littermate and @freespirited lmfao you guys are hilarious and cool!

  • How about cosplay ?

    When we cuddle, we are acting in a way that is outside normal society "rules", by doing more ( and at the same time, less ) than most people would normally do. We put a padded fence part-way down the relationship ski-slope ; so we can enjoy playing in the upper levels of the snow, without feeling any risk or expectation of completing the Giant Slalom. It is the physical analogue of flirting ; where it is the body rather than the mind, which is enjoying some elements of the human "race".

    How much easier would that be, if we adopted the role of characters in a play or movie ? In Star Wars - Return of the Jedi, Princess Leia can't explain to Han Solo why she is able to confide only in Luke Skywalker ; so tells him simply "Hold me", and he is of course happy to do so.

    In a situation where I am in intimate company with someone who has my date-preferred characteristics, I sometimes find it helpful to imagine our "relationship" is such that other behaviour would be wrong ; to excuse myself not trying to make more of the situation. That can be awkward, when the news is full of people in positions of power abusing that trust.

    I am however, seriously conflicted. I want people to trust me ; but worry that might make them more trusting of others, when they shouldn't.

  • @geoff1000 i am a cosplayer! you can look me up on insta LOL @omgleeroy :) oh man! i feel you on alot of this! like wow! its good to take it slow and let the trust build itself

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