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There was a new profile visit to my page so I checked her profile. Something I've never seen. It said in the description that she records all of her sessions for safety reasons. Any general thoughts on this? Has anyone experienced or done this before and how about watching it afterwards, would there be something to be learned from that? I'm fascinated by this and not sure if it's good or bad either just very different in my opinion.



  • i think this is a great idea!

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    It’s not nuclear physics, dude. It’s just cuddling. What could possibly be “learned” from watching it afterwards? The only thing even remotely interesting about it would be if men began recording as well “for safety & security reasons” to guard against scammers. But, I highly doubt that idea would go down too well with the peanut gallery at this site.
    I would SO avoid the person you’re referring to, unless I was in the mood to recreate the feeling of being under surveillance during a session.

  • The main reason a woman would do this is for safety. Most people with half a brain would not attempt to rape her or do anything illegal knowing they are being recorded. That would deter a lot of people with bad intentions to go to her. That’s probably why she has that. And I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to record someone without letting them know first so by putting it smack dab in the front of her profile, there should be no surprises or gripes from her clients. It’s purely for safety not quality purposes.

  • I’m not sure how this was for safety, unless this uploads directly to some security or police office. I mean if it’s just a camera recording to a laptop or something then it’s useless.

    But also after the harm comes you can always go back and look at it i guess.

  • There was recently a pro on here who had a client go through the drawers of her room while she was in the bathroom. This was caught on camera, and when she found out, she simply asked him to leave. So, I bet she's pretty thankful she had that set up. You just never know with strangers on the internet. With @Sheena123 here; it's more of a safety thing than anything. It's illegal to record someone without their knowledge, but I doubt this applies to home surveillance systems, especially if you already had them in place.

  • There are some cameras that you can buy that link with your phone or whichever phone you choose. My hubby and I used to have one to watch out kitties in the living room when we were gone. It was always recording and sending to our phone but would also send us notifications if something was moving and triggering the cameras sensors. It was pretty handy.

  • Everyone the profile that visited me lives hundreds of miles away so I'm not going to actually be cuddling with her. Just knew that this would be a thought provoking topic. It's great to see all of the feedback so far. By the way when I cuddle I always hide my wallet and keys, just how it goes because not everyone can be trusted.

  • Sure. Why not? Security cameras are all over the e place. This is a place of business.

  • I would feel violated if a cuddler pro recorded me secretly while cuddling.
    I dont think it would be legal to record someone without their knowledge even if in your own home if its in the bedroom where most people prefer cuddling. Its called expectation of privacy.
    Like you can't video record in your bathroom without notifying them even if it's your bathroom.
    Even if its not illegal its just plain wrong.

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    I dont think it would be legal to record someone without their knowledge even if in your own home if its in the bedroom where most people prefer cuddling. Its called expectation of privacy.

    The way I see it, if you had to install a security system specifically for the purpose of hosting sessions, yes, I think you should definitely notify clients that they will be recorded, but that the footage is destroyed after the session if it was successful/boundaries were respected/the client did not try anything illegal. It's another thing entirely to have surveillance already set up in your home for general purposes, and in that case, I don't think it's necessary to give a warning. If a guest comes over to your house to buy your old sofa because you put an ad on kijiji, you aren't required by law to say, "Oh, by the way, you're being recorded" when they walk in your front door. Usually most houses with surveillance already have a security sticker or placard placed somewhere noticeable on the house and that's enough of a warning.

    The expectation of privacy is definitely justifiable on the client's part, but also, the expectation that both parties will be safe should also be considered. Having surveillance around is a way to help ensure safety and accountability, on both sides.

  • As @Catloaf said if your house is already wired for surveillance for general principal and not just for cuddle appointments I wouldn't see it as necessary. As far as the legal aspect I would always suggest that everyone check their local jurisdictions as to what is & isn't legal regarding this and what notice if any has to be given to your guest. This is something that could differ state to state.

  • The pro in question does say in her profile that she records so you pretty much agree to it when booking a session

  • I'm very concerned.

    What if the client wanted to : change from their travelling clothes, go to the lavatory, or take a shower ?
    Does this include audio recording, so anything the client might say for instance about a medical problem, a mental health issue, or a relationship, is kept on record ?
    What would be the redress if the recording was hacked and published ( ask Jennifer Lawrence how that feels ) ?
    Is the client entitled to keep a copy of the recording, in case it is Deepfake modified into something different being done or said ?
    Will the pro sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and delete the recording afterwards, if nothing bad happened ?

  • What if the client wanted to : change from their travelling clothes, go to the lavatory, or take a shower ?

    I'm not sure how common it is for people to place surveillance in their bathrooms, that seems creepy and like a definite invasion of privacy. I'm not on board with that and I doubt a lot of people do it.

    As for the rest of your questions, it'd be nice if we had a legal expert to chime in here. I don't know how it is in America, but up here and at least in Alberta we have FOIP for public institutions, and for businesses/independent contractors we have PIPA (Personal Information Privacy Act), which doesn't protect you from being under general surveillance, but it does protect you from certain instances such as where people unlawfully publish or distribute footage of you to which you did not consent etc.

  • it would be a pass for me. don’t get me wrong...ive got nothing to hide, but i personally find it creepy.

    let’s turn the tables, and say it was a male doing the recording. i would bet that many females, pro or not, would be put off by the notion. it could be a legit move by the male...wanting to protect himself from any false allegations of illegal misconduct, made by his cuddle partner. but is that idea well enough to settle with his session partner being recorded, that it’s not for some other reason...and would it make you uneasy with having the thoughts of where all of his cameras are located? maybe there’s one in the bathroom, too??

    like i said before...creepy 🤨

  • I would suspect this would be loaded directly to cloud storage. Maybe if both people had equal access to it, that might cut down on some of the creepy factor.

  • Out of curiosity, what would folks think if it was a requirement of the site for the safety of all parties? Especially to ensure all parties are engaging in platonic cuddles and neither party, whether it is the cuddle enthusiast or PRO even, make moves that are out of line with the code of conduct? I know that sometimes some "pro" profiles market themselves on this site to be platonic but are not. I'm not endorsing the practice myself but out of curiosity, I wanted to see if there's any way folks can reconcile with the idea if it means both you and the pro are protected from malpractices and even false accusations.

  • I'm sure most female pros have been hosted by a male client at some point who had surveillance in his house and they didn't give a thought to it, nor did the male let them know they would be on camera. It shouldn't matter what gender or sex someone is - if someone cannot see the value in surveillance for the sake of safety, or understand that they consent to being recorded the moment they walk into a house with surveillance, that's an issue with their own perception. By law (at least in Alberta), if you are a businessperson using recording devices for the purpose of collecting information, you are legally obligated to take care of that data and to only release it to other personnel lawfully and for the intended purpose. Consent can be given audibly, or in writing. It is the businessperson's discretion as to what forms they use.

    At the end of the day, from a logical standpoint, you shouldn't trust anybody off the bat. Use discretion. If surveillance doesn't make you comfortable, don't see that person. But let's not discount the fact that surveillance more often than not keeps people safe, and can keep people from doing things they might attempt if there was no camera rolling. I get that people feel privacy is a concern, but the surveillance isn't only there in most cases to protect the pro. It's there for everybody involved.

  • One element that I really value, of cuddling, or dating, or simply being with someone else ; is the feeling that I am being trusted. That naturally means being in a position where I could abuse that trust ; and also of course, that I could be falsely accused of having done so, and have no proof of my innocence.

    Think of men who are only allowed to be with their children when supervised, that is usually because they are under suspicion of having abused them. Or a taxi-driver with CCTV in the cab, in case they are accused of misbehaving.

    Another part of the trust with a pro is the money. What if the client gives forged notes, or the pro accuses the client of doing so ? If they spent too long checking my money, that would put me off.

    If someone wants to meet in public, and not touch etc. until they are happy to do more, I'd be OK with that ; though I wouldn't pay a pro full rate for me to "attend an interview".

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    @StellaLiz I don't like the idea because
    A. It should be an option people are able to consent to or consent against as a basic human right. I myself would not want to be on surveillance but at least now I have the option to not see that person knowing that going in. The option being hypothetically taken away is a slippery slope in terms of basic privacy rights.

    1. As mentioned before we have people from all over the country and all over the world so there are lot of different local statutes and laws in play that may negate the ability for some to do that.

    2. Just from a resources aspect everyone may not have the ability to do that. Then what because I don't have the ability to wire my house surveillance I can't cuddle ? Doesn't seem fair or logical.

    @Catloaf I don't believe just because is against their session being recorded or under surveillance means that they're intending on going into the session with ulterior or non platonic motives. It has already been laid out by a few folks on this thread why someone would logically be against being recorded , especially against their will. And not to be gross but let's say the sole reason someone had the surveillance setup solely to satisfy some sort of fetish. Or that the footage was going into the hosts " spank bank " so to speak to be used after the session was over ? I have a feeling a lot female cuddlers would not be ok with that.

  • The UK just published a list of the New Years honours winners, with 1000 home addresses by mistake. Even governments can't be trusted with data.

  • I don't believe just because is against their session being recorded or under surveillance means that they're intending on going into the session with ulterior or non platonic motives. It has already been laid out by a few folks on this thread why someone would logically be against being recorded , especially against their will.

    I wasn't communicating that being against surveillance automatically means you must be up to no good. Obviously some people are just not comfortable being recorded, and that's fine.

    And not to be gross but let's say the sole reason someone had the surveillance setup solely to satisfy some sort of fetish. Or that the footage was going into the hosts " spank bank " so to speak to be used after the session was over ?

    Yes, there are creeps out there who do this, and there are probably also some who also use cuddling as some sort of replacement for a quasisexual experience. Have we run into some of these people? Who knows. We can't know what anyone actually does with anything we put out there, or what anyone's true intent is. That's how information works. That's how manipulative people can really pull the rug out from under you when you thought at first they were a perfectly fine human being. And ultimately, that's where you need to decide how much trust you're willing to place in people. However, I don't think it's realistic to assume that this "peeping cam spank bank" stuff is happening widescale. Again, use discretion, broaden your definition of red flags. Most people have surveillance for the purpose of documenting break-ins or robberies...protecting their home. Until I have reason to believe otherwise, I'd assume it's for that purpose and not a nefarious one.

  • Does this rule out hotel room meet-ups, or would one or both parties have to set up video cameras on a tripod ? Would CC need access to the recording, to make sure both parties had complied with the rules ?

    I think I would even be concerned about just audio recording.

  • @Catloaf lol I wasn't trying to infer that anything like that is wide scale. I was just saying if you are informed that your session is being recorded then it's yet another thing you need to consider before seeing said cuddler.

    As far as a replacement for some sort of quasisexual experience ... Im not going to turn this into another boner thread so don't worry but as has been discussed many times over arousal happens during cuddling and as long as you don't for lack of a better term force it on your partner or don't disrespect your cuddle partner's boundaries what you do with your arousal after the session is your business ... At least in my opinion.
    I agree with you ultimately the best security is frank conversations about expectations & boundaries before the session and that recording should be a last line of defense.

  • I'd say we're on the same page but coming from different angles. I always appreciate that when you clarify your comments or respond to my comments, you keep it respectful and lighthearted. Thanks for that.

    Yes, all people need to do is consider whether or not they want to see a specific cuddler based on his or her presented stipulations. I don't do surveillance, but I've got it written on my profile that you will need to sign a copy of the CSA before our session begins. I'd assume that has cut down on quite a bit of the traffic that I might otherwise get, but it's the precaution I've chosen to deter people who aren't serious about a session, and it's also to communicate that I'm serious about what I do. Use your discretion, guys! :)

  • @Catloaf
    Signing a copy of the CSA, sounds like a recruit to MI5 signing a copy of the Official Secrets Act ; which says that any release of secret information, will earn them jail time. It doesn't change anything, because they can be jailed anyway, but it makes them more conscious of the fact. I think I'd be OK with that, and I would read the CSA again to make sure I hadn't missed anything. If I ever plan a cuddling world tour, you're on my list. 😀

    I don't know if the CSA also says that neither party will divulge any information gathered as a result of the arrangement, whether it be the person's home address or the name of their pet, but if not, perhaps it should.

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    Sooooo first of all, whoever said “It’s not nuclear science dude it’s cuddling there’s nothing to be learned” you’re being rude...... there’s lots to be learned from everything we do in life. Second of all, I’ve seen her profile too! I was also intrigued. Originally I thought it was rude and most likely to make people very uncomfortable that she records cuddling sessions but having experienced some really bad sessions myself I can see how this idea could be perceived as genius and serve as a safety net. I never actually asked her, though I had considered it, but my personal opinion would be that by recording cuddle sessions it prevents people from making non-platonic attempts and essentially weeds out the bad guys. If you have Ill intentions from the beginning you won’t want to be recorded therefore you won’t book a session. But.... there is the risk of making genuinely good people with no ill intentions very uncomfortable by making them feel like you don’t trust them which could take away from the benefits of a cuddle session. It’s neither win win nor lose lose. These are just the pros and cons in my opinion, and I think there isn’t anything to be learned from watching a recording of your session but there is most certainly always something to learn from experiencing a session.

    For example; the many ways in which men make non platonic attempts.

  • I’m ambivalent about someone recording. If it makes them feel safe ok, but it makes me feel unsafe. I wouldn’t partake

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    The other thing is would this video include audio recording as well ?
    Often times ive said personal things during a session.
    No im afraid the idea of video recording cuddling sessions is ridiculous.
    I am pretty sure many pros arent going to want clients to have video of our cuddle sessjons either .
    Keep in mind most members dont post here

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    kick this dilemma around...your video equipment fails or the power goes out just before or in the middle of a session. you always record your cuddle sessions, and refuse to with anyone that declines. how is that situation handled? consider that there is no hope with getting it working again for possibly hours. do you make an exception or ask your session partner to leave? or do you have a holding a phone on a selfie stick? maybe you both agree to take turns holding it until the time is up?

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