What would you put up with to cuddle

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I recently went to the home of a person who I had hung out with a few times but never been to their home to cuddle . I'm an animal lover . However I do make an effort to clean them and keep pee and poo out of the home . Not a pleasant odor . But she was likely nose blind to it . Temp was also a lot warmer than I like . However she was a very lovely person and great cuddler . And I'm sure my particularities are not everybody's cup of tea either . So all's well that ends well . Just felt like I was desperate for a shower after


  • LOL I know what you mean. I've been a few places where I felt like I needed a hazmat suit. There was a time when my answer to the question in the thread title would have been "anything." Now, not so much.

  • @quietman775 i hear ya ! I find the older I get the less tolerant I am of things that displease me

  • I dated a guy back in high school who had a ferret who he didn’t clean up after very well. (I had ferrets as well so I am aware how difficult that can be but this was beyond normal slinky ferret smell) cuddling with him was very nice but that smell was horrid I never went back to his house after that.

  • Bad smell does seem to be a recurring theme, very hard to block that out.
    Those who live in such conditions, eventually stop noticing it, it's called "olfactory fatigue" apparently.
    The same happens with city-dwellers, being able to sleep through the noise of traffic, that would keep country folk up all night.

  • I used to do surprise visits to homes of men and women on parole for drug and or alcohol offenses and I would say AT LEAST 50% of their homes stunk so bad of animal urine and feces when I got to a home of someone I knew was very bad I would put Vick’s under my nose because some were so bad I would gag at the smell.

  • @CreativeCuddles
    I could be charitable, and suggest they were trying to hide the smell of drugs and/or shorten your visit ; but you are probably right to guess, that's just how they are.

  • Another cuddle pal I had lived with her mother so she could help care for her . I spent the night because it was already really late and i had to work early . Ar about three in the morning her mother gets up and turns on the TV and commences to making herself a snack . Apparently this is her normal routine . Thing is my friends bedroom was right next to the living area , and because her mother was hard of hearing the TV was loud enough to wake cave bear. My friend was used to it and a heavy sleeper so she slept right through . I however didn't , and ended up working a ten hour day on 2 and a half hrs sleep ! Awesome cuddles though , just no more overnights lol

  • @pmvines
    A cuddling partner complained that when we slept together ( in the literal, rather than the euphemistic sense ) that I stayed awake. She couldn't understand that I didn't want to miss a moment of our time together.

    Nice to have the choice to sleep though. Most people want to eventually die quietly in their sleep, but not on a busy freeway.

  • @geoff1000 that makes me think of a time when a Cuddle friend had do put up with my unpleasantness . I was having sinus issues , which led to some apparent violent snoring . She didn't sleep because of it and though she tapped me several times asking me to roll over I continued to fall back asleep and roar like a lion . She had to end up driving several hrs the next morning cus she lives out of state poor thing

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    @geoff1000 That would definitely be charitable!

    @pmvines There are those that sleep with fans on for the “quiet noise” to help them drift off, when I hear snoring it is my “quiet noise” and I tend to not only fall asleep quicker but I tend to sleep longer periods. Oh, and by the way are you saying 3 am snacks are not normal? I would have to say that is me sometimes! 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄😬

  • I’ve always been the host and I make sure my place is clean as a whistle. I shower the day of the cuddle and make sure I’m clean and my apartment is as well. I also open windows to get fresh air in and clean out my cats litter box last thing before my guest arrives. I’d be mortified of offending my guest with unpleasant odours.

  • Off smells really do seem to be one thing I can't deal with and I agree the older I get the more noticable it is. One thing that's even worse for me is a bad mouth smell, or a food odor coming from them like when someone eats a lot of garlic it sorta oozes out of the sweat glands.

  • Cannot understand why one would pay to cuddle if sleeping

  • @cuddletime111 because some people sleep better knowing there’s a person next to them. To each their own.

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    I didn't say I was paying the folks I'm referring to. However there sre quite a few people on here who hire pros and do like to sleep during session , especially if it's an overnight . To each their own , if that is what they want and it helps them in their own way , and the pro is ok with it then why not

  • @PaulaDahla you seem to judge too quick.many people who smell of garlic use it as a substitute for salt in cooking per doctors instructions.my mom was that way.you should not judge someone who is trying to stay alive.

  • @Buckwheat2020 she said she couldn't handle the odor, not that the person was bad or shouldn't eat garlic. Sorry about your mom. <3

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    @pmvines NEVER has to pay for cuddles!!!! I've heard sometimes they want to pay HIM! 😂🤣😁


  • @sillysassy sshhh you are going to get me reported as an untagged pro

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    ( oh no! @pmvines All better?? I said they WANT to!!! Omgosh.... cuddle prison ahead) (That means isolation with NO PILLOWS!)

  • Isolation sounds kinda nice right about now lol maybe I could sleep a little 😂

  • Rest up for August @pmvines. :D

  • Theres not much lol
    I dont like dirty areas.
    I prefer good smells and clean people.

  • @pmvines i’ll trade 2 hrs of cuddle for 1 hour of hair brushing 🙂😙😊

  • @CreativeCuddles You could have me for far less than that =)

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