Deep Thoughts and Resolutions



  • Ha! A platonic peck right on the end of my schnoz. ;)

  • Because @Sideon is NOT a troll!!!! :)

    It is interesting how much the pendulum has swung. I know I've said this before.... Some people have a very High High sensitivity to the verbal awareness of sexual harassment. (In talking to my 20 year old daughter it has been very enlightening. She is far and away NOT running around smacking a sexual harassment on any man who opens her door so she's not coming from an extremist male hating perspective. She has opened my eyes to a few things that I wouldn't have even given a second thought to before.)

    @2dogmom I think you are so right in what you are trying to accomplish with this thread.... doing things that make people feel loved (I know you well enough to know that you would without question make sure the person has given consent because you are THAT way!) Taking the chance to ask instead of assuming they wouldn't want your care.... asking the hard questions and risking the vulnerability of being refused. I love what you said ----But imagine if we all could commit to trying to make intimacy and emotions "normal." Not a weakness or something only for the bedroom. That we open our hearts, be more vulnerable, and take care of each other. Sounds pretty awesome to me.---- Making kindness normal. Whatever that looks like. ๐Ÿ’Ÿ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’— LOVE THIS!!!

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