Cuddle Bookings?

Hi everyone Happy New year, I'm Alena Jaye I'm very new to the professional cuddler atmosphere I just wanted to become familiar with the site, get any pointers from other professionals on screening bookings, allow the community to see me more I have been feeling like I'm hiding out. I am in Midtown Houston I love the cuddle world I love cuddling while sleeping, holding you while watching a movie, if you have had a long work day or week I can hug you and or give back rubs while running my hands through your hair, Things I welcome and encourage you doing to me while cuddling:
Touching of my neck, arms, stomach, or back as I find them comforting and relaxing, massages back, shoulder, or neck massage, but no clothing will be removed if needed NOT EVEN MY SHIRT. I am very warm bodies person I also have a natural addicting scent I've been told it's amazing to lay on my chest and share stories. I can't wait to receive plenty bookings this new year and meet amazing cuddlers 😁💋

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