Question for the pros who host

I am about to meet a pro who is hosting tonight. Maybe every host is different but. How soon do you give a client the hosting location? Is it right when I leave on that day of the appointment or a few minutes before the scheduled time?

I don't want to be pushy but I want to make sure that this pro gives me the location in enough time so I can be there on time


  • I am sure the pro would be fine with you inquiring about when she plans to inform you of this . It is likely a safety concern of many oros who host to not give address's until close to appt and everything is confirmed that you are still coming .

  • I've done that a couple of times and they have given me the address the day of the appointment and usually a few hours before the session is scheduled. They do this for security reasons because they don't want to give their address to soon to somebody that might flake out or just getting an address for other purposes.
    And I just wait until they give it to me whenever they feel the time is right because using your own words one does not want to be pushy or make them feel uneasy asking too many times.
    Be patient and just wait for the info, I'm sure it will come in time.

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    Thanks pmvines and cuddleversed for the tips. Patience and communication is the key. Look forward to hear from others and the pros. Much needed information for other clients success with pros and even some enthusiasts who host.

  • I used to like those 1980s police movies, where the guy with the ransom money has to run from one telephone box to another, to make sure they aren't being tailed.

  • I tend to do day of the appointment after final confirmation for new clients.

    I don't mind sending a cross street address however in case someone needs to get the gist of time to get there, location, ect.

  • @MissAdventurous. Thanks for replying. So also in other words it is okay to ask this pro if she give me a public place in her city not so far away from her if she chooses to wait to give out the location when I reach her city limits.

  • Every Pro will have their own comfort level, but I think that's a good option generally.

    It's a logistics thing in my mind, nothing more in my mind. I know I like to plan my day and travel, so it's helpful to know where you're going to be.

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    There are some streets in DC I wouldn’t drive on much less Park there , in which cas I would take a Uber . I wouldn’t want to know the address at the last minute.

    Even in the suburban areas , there are restricted parking almost everywhere , 24/7 , so I would want to know where my vehicle is being parked .

    I would cancel the booking if there was not disclosure promptly.

  • I would cancel promptly if anyone didn't respect my boundaries. Not even slightly okay to demand that kind of personal info if someone doesn't want to share up front. We are not animals, we are not machines, we are human beings.

    And 24 hours is more than plenty for you to get your plan together on transportation. Hence why a cross street follow up isn't a bad idea.

    I trust my instinct. I don't trust someone else's bad attitude if they do not respect that my home is my home, and I'll share my information on my terms.

    Having over 100+ cuddle sessions no one else seemed to have a problem.

    If you don't like not getting address on your terms, rent a hotel room. Problem solved.
    Good luck in your adventures in cuddling. I'm sure you'll have some backwards round about way of wanting to waste words and time in your rambles regarding this, I've better things to do. I'm off to enjoy the day. Ciao.

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    I posted a valid comment i this discussion , It’s not a rambling .

    For the piece of mind , comfort , and safety , of my guests , when I host in the city , I park my vehicle in the street and allow the Pro cuddler guest to take advantage of the safer off street parking . I would certainly give the address when asked . No cross streets. No , “ can you wait until 24 hours before”. Giving them plenty of time to map it , if they don’t like my hood they can cancel or take a Uber.They don’t have to reserve me a parking space if I come to them , I would simply like to map the area , prior to when cancellation fees commence. ( which BTW, I don’t enforce if the pro wants to cancel at the last minute) With a service truck that’s 92-1/2” tall , I won’t fit in city parking garages that only allow 84” of height .
    IN the suburban areas:
    Many HOA’s in the area employ predator towing . Towing at tow operators discretion . Expired tags , stickers , even parking the wrong way , a motorist risks an impoundment . I would like to know the host residents neighborhood parking regulations if any exist. I can provide a liscense plate # for a “visitor” hang tag if one would be required ( usually at late evening hours) . That process can take more than 24 hours.

    A who thinks I’m * demanding * personal info ? If the booking is accepted on a Friday for the next Friday ,I’ll message with the request of location on Sunday so I can get s response by Tuesday . I can try again on Wednesday, still nothing ? Cancel . If I hear “ can I give you a cross street “ , or “can You wait until Friday morning ?” DING ! Well , sounds like I’m suspect . It takes the comfort out of the session . Of course, I’m suspect if we never met, I know it , they know it , I just don’t want to hear it . In the exact words of someone else on this wedsite ....I don’t want the distrust showcased in front of me . Especially if I’m going to pay them money .

    I don’t think people realize a creep is a creep , ok , so wait until the last minute the creep gets your address and then what ? He has your address he doesn’t show up . And deletes his account .
    Now the creep knows where you live . Don’t you get it ? Do not rely solely on the strategy of withholding location , to ensure safety . Please employ additional countermeasures .

  • @MissAdventurous. Thanks for the reply. It will be helpful from this point on

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    The few times I've booked a pro cuddler who was hosting I got the address right after I booked .. One time the appointment was even a couple weeks out the others were appointments that were 1 day or 2 out. It is up to the comfort level of the pro I guess although I can appreciate planning as well. @MissAdventurous yes for me same day is ok usually but I do take everything on a case by case bases and I could potentially see where someone would need the address before the day of the appointment to make travel arrangements.

  • @MrCuddlenity Since I use a hotel to host at I typically will give the address shortly after booking. I then give the room number when the client arrives and I'm ready to cuddle them.

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    I do not mind giving out what hotel I'm in when I'm hosting out of town, however I do not give room number out until arrival at hotel as well. If you have a disregard to that, find someone else, I don't take it personally for I did nothing wrong to take it personal.

    If you do not respect my boundaries, then there is a better suitable Pro who is out there for you. No big deal.

    Working for a PI law office and bolstered with years of experience and a psychology degree, you learn things about people who rather listen just to respond vs. those actually listen to words coming from another's mouth.

    let's get to the point. ⭐

    I owe nothing to anyone when it comes to my well-being and the paramounts of what I consider for me is beneficial for my life. Just like no one does for me. That is OKAY.

    This is non-negotiable. The more you argue, the happier I am to avoid someone that entitled to what they think they deserve vs. actually what someone is saying they need to feel comfortable.

    And as an actual anomolly in this field and not just a whimsical thing, I'm here to always be understanding, but check the attitude at the door for best results. I do not tolerate anyone's disregard to safety to others boundaries.

    Being a contractor through this site, we are given an outline, whatever individual deems what they need for their safety, I support. After over a year and having a stalker myself, I exceptionally don't feel the need explaining to someone over and over what they think life is vs. the reality it is for someone besides said individual.

    I'm now turning off my notifications for this posting now. Good luck.

  • I am extremely selective with who i invite into my home, and who i would give my personal address and other info to . It is not necessarily a safety thing for me, as it is a privacy thing. I can certainly understand why a woman, pro or not, would have guidelines and boundaries re giving her address etc to. I get that safety is paramount for all people and men are also at risk, In fact someone i am familiar with just last week was held at gunpoint and robbed by a woman who he had invited over to his home, and another person i am familiar with had been invited by a woman he met online to an address and when he got there the house was vacant and two thugs beat and robbed him, was a setup. However statistically speaking women are much more at risk of violence, assault and rape.

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