To screen or not to screen .....

Cuddlers: How do you ensure your safety?

How do you feel comfortable with who you see?

People seeking cuddles: what are you willing to do to see a cuddler?
What are you normally asked to provide?

Thanks for the input :)


  • Im willing to exchange a few messages to see if they suit my needs and to ensure we're compatible that way and compatible logistically , send a photo and I'll do a phone call if necessary. Im also willing to meet in a public location 1st outside the cuddle location briefly to ensure we're both comfortable proceeding and to verify we're both who we say we are although I've never been asked to do that one. What I won't do is give you any private information about myself other than address if we're cuddling at my place , I wont give you FB or any other social media , place of employment or a copy of my ID or driver's license which has been suggested before by a few people.

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