Asking vs Demanding

I recently had a potential client asking me about my rates and availability for a 2hr session in south Seattle.

I live in West Olympia, and driving to King County takes over an hour. I've spent my first week on here editing and updating my profile to list rates that I consider reasonable and that also properly compensate me for time and travel expenses.

When this cuddler reached out to me and told me his location, I had to update the distance details on my profile. We had not yet proposed or agreed on a booking. He then proceeded to tell me that he DEMANDED my lower rates, which are for local clients and those who are close travel such as Pierce, Mason, and Lewis Counties.

I want to say here that while I understand cultural differences, it is very important to be careful about your language. As a professional, I will not book with someone who makes demands of me, especially when I feel that those demands would ultimately cause me hardship or leave me under compensated.


  • You are within your rights not to see him especially if he became rude or spiteful about you wanting to turn a profit from this. There's no need for that regardless of cultural background.

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    I DEMAND that you block him.

    Wait wait...lemme try that again.

    If you wouldn't mind too terribly much...could you please block him? Pretty pretty plzzzzz? (with sugar on top?)

    If he actually used the word "demand" in his mail...el blocko.

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