Its cold today what are you wearing ?!

Hey Guys!!! I have never seen a thread created for sharing warddrobe of the day so thought it would be a Cool/Hot topic, lol depending on where you live ?! Its chilly here In Houston today so im in Grey Puma warm ups and a hoodie from RedCon1 how bout yall?


  • Scrubs for all occasions, it's pretty much like wearing pajamas to work . And jacket of course cus holy hell it's nippy

  • Since I'm in MI, it's pretty cold here right now. Last I checked it was 28 degrees and windy. I'm all layered up with a thermal shirt, regular shirt, a think hoodie and a hat. I can't wait for the weather to get warmer so I don't have to bundle up so much!

  • Flannel flannel flannel

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    It's not that cold in Phoenix, Arizona. Around 66 degrees outside and sunny. I have my thermostat set to 72 so I'm comfy working at home, wearing what I normally wear. Not planning to go out except to check my mailbox later.

  • It's 13C in London today (55F?), so not hot or cold. I hedged my bets with a hoodie and shorts for the school pick-up. A few degrees cooler and I'd have thrown on a scarf too.

  • Los Angeles is 77 degrees so wearing a t shirt and shorts

  • Been in low 50s to 40degrees F. So a beanie, t-shirt, weather proof jacket, scarf, black slacks, socks (2 layers in the 40s), and boots.

  • Beautiful and sunny here in Colorado. Only about 30 degrees but no wind so it feels more like 40. Have on my lined jeans and a sweatshirt. Have a good day everyone.

  • I'm dressed as a S.T.A.R. Labs intern--S.T.A.R. Labs sweat shirt and pajama pants. They're my favourite.

  • I’m wearing my velvet pajamas all day, love them! It’s so cold and I think I’m getting sickies

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    Currently wearing a fuzzy onesie catching up on legal work for the office and doing correspondence to my lovely individuals on here at home.

    it's freaking cold and windy in the NW. trust me, no one here is surprised. 👩🏻‍🦰🌬️🌧️

    @UKGuy I'm thrilled to get a couple days away this week from it with this trip to Phoenix 🎉🎉

  • My bathrobe as I wash everything I own before getting on a plane.

  • Its 20 here in Chicago 9 layers of upper 2 layers lower neoprene gloves work outside

  • 9 layers? @Uniquecuddler69 jeez I would be immobile lol

  • I wear thermals (top and bottom). Plus this year I got wool socks, which are far better than regular socks material I've noticed.

  • Layers! Camisole, turtleneck, cardigan, coat, blanket scarf. Remove layers as needed. lol

  • I'm wearing a tshirt and tights, I live in Miami, FL so its 73 here! :p

  • In Chicago?? Sweaters and jeans!!😂 Fuzzy socks and boots are a MUST.

  • Jeans and a short sleeve button-up shirt, not too bad here in the Austin area. Nights are not fun though, if I were to go out then, I'd put on warmer, like a jacket and hat.

  • Chinchilla onesie

  • I'm wearing pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and a giant hoodie. See my main profile picture? It's not that giant hoodie. It's the black one. I'm a fan of warm clothing that covers me from head to knees. It's cosy.

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