In case of emergency

Ok , suppose you are cuddling and your guest , or host , excuses themself, and goes to the bathroom , and does an Elvis Presley.

You call 911 . Are you ready to explain yourself , your activity , and be prepared to be questioned about drug use . In some or most cases you don’t know the full name of your host or guest . Have you thought of this scenario?


  • and No , they are not singing “ Jailhouse Rock”, they collapsed of a possible heart attack

  • He's a friend of a friend. We were just getting to know each other when this happened.

  • call 911 and ask for help. when asked by the dispatch operator or LE, just tell the truth. nothing to be ashamed of and it makes absolutely no sense to fabricate a story. “a friend of a friend” story will earn you questions about, “who’s your mutual friend?” don’t do or say anything that you can’t backup with facts or it will make you appear suspicious.

    i hope that this scenario is just hypothetical, and this really didn’t happen to you. hope that it doesn’t happen to anyone!

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    A friend had a similar situation happen. She doesnt cuddle but has clients in her home for other services, and one apparently shot some H in his car just before coming upstairs where he passed out and became unresponsive, and passed away in her apt. She called 911 and said he is someone she met online and this was their first time hanging out, which it was. They cleared her of any wrong doing per procedure and ruled it as an accidental overdose. Her relationship to him and why they were together never came into question nor was an issue.

  • Honestly is best, any good law enforcement service would soon discover the truth anyway ; and a discovered lie would be suspicious. That's why it would be a good idea to first clear it with one's significant other, if applicable.

    "911. What is your emergency ?"
    "Oh God ! ( sobbing ) I was out hunting deer with my friend, and I've shot him by accident. He's dead ! Oh God ! What do I do ?"
    "Calm down, Sir. First of all I need you to check if he's definitely dead."
    "OK" Pause. Silence. BANG !
    "Yeah, he's definitely dead. Now what ?"

    So I'd recommend first make sure they are dead, but not that way.

  • Oooh @Elguero thanks for that. Clearly I don't have much knowledge of law enforcement.

  • @geoff1000 I was reading your post and was waiting for the Dick Cheney punch line. lol

  • @snuggleme123 that makes two of us lol

    i even considered posting a Dick Cheney punch line...

    911 operator, “ok VP Cheney...a game warden is on the way.”

    Cheney, “what good will a game warden do!?!”

    911 operator, “for the safety of any other of your friends, revoke your hunter’s license...”

  • Maybe Dick got the victim confused with Dan "Quail".

  • In my state, a false report to the police is a crime. If the report is of a felony. the false report is also a felony, otherwise a misdemeanor.

    Interference with an investigation or obstruction is also a serious crime.

  • Probably easier than engaging in strangulation-sex and finding that goes wrong.

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