Five Love Languages

So I was informed about the concept of five love languages by a lovely woman I encountered at a cuddle party a couple of months ago. I later did a short online questionnaire and discovered my primary love language was physical touch. My close family members also took the questionnaire and we compared notes. We were quite different, to put it mildly.

It was a real eye opener, and has changed the way we interact for the better. If you are interested in improving the way you communicate love to other people in your life SO THAT THEY FEEL IT, I encourage you to take the free online questionnaire.

I have been reading about relationship tips and psychology for years and I think this may be the most valuable thing I have ever encountered, so I am sharing it with you so that you can hopefully benefit from it the way I did. 😃

  1. If you took the questionnaire, what was your primary love language?17 votes
    1. Physical touch
    2. Quality time
    3. Words of appreciation
    4. Acts of service
    5. Gifts


  • I was introduced to the same about 20 years ago. Good stuff.

  • Mine was words but only two points higher than physical touch. They were very close and much higher than the other three.

  • When giving love I favor words of affirmation and physical tounch. When it comes to the love I like to receive it's time spent together and touch.

  • It's important to realize that for many people, your primary love language can flow and shift over time (and as @TouchofCherie pointed out for herself, you can have a different love language for giving and receiving). For me, it's hard to choose between all of them except gifts, which I'm pretty much a 0 on. At this stage of my life and mental health, quality time and acts of service are the biggest two. As I've grown and healed with some of my insecurities, words of affirmation have gone down. Maybe touch is lower now because I'm not in a state of deficit with it anymore. I still LOVE it when I get to cuddle and be close with someone I love O:-)

  • Mine are acts of service, and a close 2nd is physical touch.
    As @ubergigglefritz pointed out, when I look back over the years, my languages have shifted some. It's helps that i finally figured out why I've been more touchy feely than others.

  • For me it ebbs and flows between touch and words of affirmation. Those two run neck and neck with each other. I’m pretty much a nada on gifts . Right now I think words of affirmation is slightly ahead.

  • Hey, look at that, @adorable48: we're like photo negatives of each other.

    Quiz says I've got 9 points in Receiving Gifts and only 2 in Words of Affirmation. Weird, given how much I like words. Maybe the thing got confused because my giving and receiving languages are so different. Oh well.

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    Mine was a tie between physical touch/quality time. No real surprises there. Def worth the read-Big Thanks @MrPaul

  • I find it best to not use a language that will get me arrested for assault or stalking. That probably skews what I do vs. how I naturally am.

  • @MrPaul thanks for starting this great thread! I’ve heard of the love languages before but never taken the test. I do see where they can change over time and between giving and receiving.

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