How Often Do You Cuddle?

How often do you cuddle? How often would you cuddle? Who has the record of most cuddles in a week?

Astrology fans or just peeps who want a giggle:

..."a few weeks where there’s no such thing as too much cuddling" coming up!



  • I cuddle only when i pay for it, unfortunately, sigh! Which is rare, because i dont have much money. So probably twice a year would be as often as i can afford it.

    How often would you cuddle? I would cuddle once a week if i could find the right cuddle buddy, that would be perfect for me.

  • It depends, but on a good over thectime I’ve done it, twice a month. I’d like to once a week

  • I would prefer it twice a week : once for 3 days, and once for 4 days.

    It used to be typically once a week, but now not for several months.

  • Chuckle @geoff1000.
    I would do twice a week if scheduling was easy and I felt like it was mutually nourishing and hassle-free.

  • I’d like to ask the question, in addition with the frequency: Cuddle for how long?

  • Whenever a cuddle friend and I are both available and feel up to it

  • If I could find a Cuddle Partner, I would cuddle once every two weeks.

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    I try for weekly, 2 hours. At times, I skip two weeks but probably because I got a 90 minute massage. All paid sessions. Room cost plus hourly rate.

  • @StellaLiz 2-3 hours is my ideal so far. What about you?
    @pmvines - so organic!
    @whitehurst58 come on NY/NJ guys, go cuddle nonpro enthusiast @whitehurst58! <3
    You go @Groucho.

  • I hold the record for the least cuddles in a week: none.

  • Haha.

    Often. 💞

  • All the time, please, but in lieu of that happening, I'd be ecstatic with twice a month.

  • Not often enough.

  • I cuddle 2/3 times a week with friends and now with this site!
    I would love to cuddle every day for 1-2 hours.
    My favorite is waking up to someone for early morning cuddles or cuddles when watching your favorite show/movie.

  • I also cuddle my puppies everyday!

  • My area is 99% "professional". I came to this site to find mutual free cuddles. It's just useless!

  • @littermate
    I just got home from a 4 hour cuddle party and I’m high on oxytocin! I cuddled with 5 women tonight, a great experience for sure. We switch up partners every 20 minutes. I was in a “spoon train” for three sessions.

    I cuddle about every 2-3 weeks. The parties are once a month, and I have a cuddle buddy I see midway between the parties. I met her at one of the parties, so that worked out great for us both because she can’t make it to all the parties. We cuddle for about 4-6 hours when we meet. Lots of great conversation, too.

    Thanks for being a contributor to the forums. I really enjoy and appreciate the things you write, and the thought that you put into it shows.

    Also - Cheers to others who post in the forums. I enjoy reading your posts, and I hope you all find the cuddle partners you seek.

  • Twice a week $120 week

  • Once per week, most weeks. Sometimes twice. Used to be all pros, but now there is a healthy dose of enthusiast cuddling in the mix.

  • I hold this record I guess. There was a time when a lot of things were going on in my life and I cuddled twice a day once each two hours. Also another time did 5 times in a week. But mostly it comes in peak for me. Either totally off or on, 2-3 times per week. I mostly do 90mins or more in one go.

    By the way, I follow astrology (Vedic Astrology though) and my chart itself speaks sensuality lol :P so I am settled this is me.

  • My cuddling comes in weird spurts of lots of back-to-back cuddling with longish dry spells in between.

    Ideally, 2-3 x month, for 3-5 hours a session.

    Secretly wishing on stars, crossing fingers and all the other voodoo that @Sideon moves to Atlanta and becomes my roommate/permanent cuddle buddy. ;)

  • I usually pay for a cuddle. Haven't found too many non pros. I would say in a perfect world, pay or not twice a week. I usually have a 2 hr. Prefer 3-4 hrs.

  • Thanks @MrPaul! <3 That was sweet to read.
    Thanks everyone! So interesting.

  • I have a long-term platonic cuddle buddy who I usually see once or twice a week, and we have been good friends for about three and a half years now. We met on r/cuddlebuddies on Reddit. I also have another new cuddle buddy and so far I've been seeing them once a month but may increase the frequency with time.

  • @littermate sounds like a good number! I wouldn't be sure of how long for me since I've done a variety of hours upon request but I think 2-3 hours of cuddling then warrants a short stretching break in between lol

  • Really Twice a week to four times a week but my goal is to get held a day

  • [Deleted User]Joss (deleted user)

    12 years without a cuddle here, I must be due one soon :(

  • One session in seven years. Hopefully that will change now.

  • Well, I don’t think I’ve had a good cuddle in over a year now. The only people who are around me on this site are professionals, and they charge way to much. I also don’t agree with the whole idea of a professional cuddler (it’s not an attack, just how I feel. I understand others disagree and that’s okay). So it’s really hard to find someone who is genuine on here and in this area.

    If I could I would cuddle on a daily basis. There is nothing like cuddling with someone you care about!

  • I previously went years between even hugs. I don't know if it's that I'm finally learning to listen to myself and being proactive to get my cuddle needs met, but I've been starved for platonic touch lately. I have a pretty solid cuddle buddy now, which is freaking fabulous, and just had a first cuddle with someone new I can see being a longterm partner too. I've never had even a cuddly friend before I felt I could trust enough to just 100% relax with, so this is a very, very welcome change.

    I'm currently in the range of about a week between cuddles, and I'm learning I prefer about 2-3 hours per session.

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