Atlanta Business Travelers Welcome

Hello πŸ™‚

I was once a road warrior myself. I spent over 200 nights a year on the road for ten years. I have worked in 43 states and two countries. I still know all my rewards numbers by heart. If you find yourself in Georgia, weary from travel, lonely, stressed out from here I am. If you are tired of eating alone, want to explore the city, or relax in your hotel room, and just talk, snuggle, watch a movie together. I am here for you. I am a great listener. If you need to laugh, my laughter is infectious. I am laid back and non-judgmental. I tend to be a night owl. I don't have problems with very late nights or cuddling at a hotel.

πŸŽ„Santa left a weighted cuddle blanket for cuddle sessions under my tree

🎁 I got some great new Soothing balms and scented
candles for the New Year

πŸŽ†Relax, enjoy, unwind... we can watch movies, order in, listen to music, talk, laugh, or just snuggle and cuddle. I give light massages and will help you unwind and destress

πŸŒ† I am open to creating a specific reasonable plan for those who are on week, two weeks, long term business trip... I am very laidback and accommodating.

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