Deposits, traveling Fees and minimum 2 hours- Requirement?

Fairly new to this cuddling website. However I noticed that some pros charge anywhere from $80 to $200 per hour with a minimum of at least 2 hours, on top of that...they request a 50% deposit AND they impose a travelling fee.
My question is, what makes these people a "pro"? So they think they can impose all these fees? Are the professionally trained? Have they been thru a workshop? Are they "certified"? From what I understand, ANYONE can become a PRO in a couple of days. Cuddle Comfort should have some sort of regulation on these fees and how they are booked.
If one comes here looking that connection, we become a cuddling ATM., which I don't think it's fair to us.
I'm happy to invest into a cuddleling session, but I don't wanna have the feeling that these pros are taking advantage of this cuddling concept.
We can agree to disagree, and I'll respect anyone's opinion on this topic.


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    I totally understand your frustration. It can be hard to sit with the pain of unfulfilled needs and unmet desire for touch.

    You are right: there’s not much as far as certification or requirements go for becoming a pro. But also keep in mind that the pros work for themselves. They are free to charge as high or as low as they deem fit. And you as a user also have the freedom to accept or decline any services you wish. Nobody is forcing you to pay rates that you deem too high.

    I’ve not done cuddling as a pro myself, but I think some of what you see with fees and deposits is largely for safety and business (aka not trying to extort you) purposes.

    Of course, it’s unlikely we know what a pro’s true intent is, but I find that giving the benefit of the doubt and not taking things personally will be beneficial for you.

  • 24, there are many more pros than non-pros on this site. So you should expect to pay a fee (or feel like an ATM -- LOL) when dealing with a "pro." If you don't want to pay, reach out to non-pros.

    As you know, cuddling is a fairly new social-phenomenon, rather nebulous, and extremely subjective. With this in mind, I don't foresee there every being a cuddling "certification" per se' in the near future. The site does set clear guidelines for professionals that are pretty straightforward. As you navigate your way through this you'll develop a clear sense of boundaries and consent for yourself as well an understanding of your cuddle partners.

    I use cuddling for therapeutic purposes and not as a substitute for dating, or a personal relationship outside of the cuddle space, so my interactions are 100% with pros. I have noticed, however, that there is a large portion of the community that is looking for more of a personal relationship both within and outside of the cuddle space which is totally at odds with professional cuddling from my perspective.

    The pros I've interacted with view themselves largely as "practitioners" along the lines of health care professionals, message therapists, personal trainers, etc.

    It's a great community here. I'm sure you'll find many like-minded cuddle partners along your journey.

  • In "Pretty Woman", Richard Gere is driving around looking for a hotel, and asks Julia Roberts for directions. She says she will tell him for $20.
    "You can't charge $20 for directions", he says.
    "I can charge what I like", she replies, "I ain't lost".

    Many professions allow one to work to retirement in one's 60's, but pro-cuddlers, like sports players, probably can't do that. They must therefore charge more, to make up for fewer years of earning.

  • That’s so funny and very true @geoff1000 . Also everyone deserves to put a price on what they feel their time is worth.

  • "From what I understand, ANYONE can become a PRO in a couple of days.">

    • Isn't that great? Just keep in mind that a "pro" who does it for the wrong reason or who does not really understand the concept will likely not last very long in the business. I've cuddled with some with whom I "fell in love" at first cuddle, and with others with whom I thought to myself: "wait...did I just pay for that?"

    "If one comes here looking [for] that connection, we become a cuddling ATM, which I don't think it's fair to us. I'm happy to invest into a cuddling session, but I don't wanna have the feeling that these pros are taking advantage of this cuddling concept.">

    • welcome to the world of business. If a number of men want to cuddle one woman, how is she going to decide? By the one she likes most + who is offering a monetary incentive. And yes, once someone arrives on this site and is approached by numerous men requesting to cuddle with her and offering her money, then yes, she is taking advantage of the cuddling concept.

    @24hours2cuddle at your age, you might research the possibility of finding cuddling partners on regular social media/dating websites. >

  • @calineur has a point. Having the option to become a pro cuddler is great and folks who are serious about the work will do what it takes to make them better at what they do. Some of us do take training, workshops, or do additional things to make us stand out as cuddlers. Some cuddlers are therapists, some are massage technicians, some even have expertise in a wide array of things that can help cuddlers.

    Plus folks may experience pro cuddlers of both caliber... some are in it for the money and it will show in their work. Some are more dedicated to their work but still run it as a business because it is a service that they can do so, but you’ll notice they’re different from the folks who are just jumping into the bandwagon without any intention to provide the best of sessions to their folks.

  • The amazing thing about this website is that a lot of pros here list their requirements if they have any. Many will tell you upon inquiring. A good pro will be open to all the questions you may have and will not hesitate to clarify anything for you. Some pros run their protocol differently and at different price range but the beauty of it is you get to decide with what you’re willing to work with.

  • @24hours2cuddle From what I've seen, and actually paid, $200 is an outlier on the high end of the range. Deposits are equally rare. They usually are required by those traveling significant distances. It doesn't change your final cost, only the timing of your payment. It's all part of the wonderful world of capitalism.

  • @StellaLiz I see you have a good point, so let me ask you, do you prefer using this website or do you think the other website where you a have a profile is better. I have noticed quite a fee pros have different prices on both sites.

  • @calineur
    Guess what....we can agree to disagree, but let clear. I didn't create this post asking for your or anyone's advice on what I should do 😉 you can keep your advice to yourself.

  • I missed the part where members of Cuddle Comfort are required to cuddle with only professionals. For those who don't have the privilege of cuddling with other enthusiasts, it's just... unfortunate.

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