Tips for paid cuddlers

There are paid cuddlers asking $150.00/hr

What is the criteria for a tip for this high fee?


  • There's no reason to tip someone if they're already charging such an extreme rate like that....
    that's my opinion.

  • @charlie954 Why, pray tell, would you give a tip to someone you are paying to cuddle at $150 per hour?? One "criteria" that might come to mind would be if she went "above and beyond the call of duty..." which is a no-no on CuddleComfort.

    @soloforever +1

  • You don’t have to tip at all! It’s just a nice gesture. $150/hour is certainly the highest I’ve ever seen on this site. Maybe she’s a massage therapist/psychologist/reiki practitioner all in one to justify the price. Though when it comes to tipping, that’s never a requirement! When I receive a tip, it’s always a nice surprise but never, ever expected!

  • lol Sheena, even if she was all that wrapped up in one, that is still a little high for that, imo.

    What is the biggest tip you ever received? When you do get a tip, what is the average amount?

    And lastly, you look quite comfy and relaxed in your new profile pic :-)

  • @dharma1257 lol thank you 😊

    I usually get tipped $10. That seems to be the norm. I never ask for it nor do I expect it. I also love to meet for coffee right before the session for a free half hour of talking and having an ice breaker. My cuddlers always offer to buy the drink but I always like to get there a tad bit early and buy my own ☺️ Being in Florida, sipping on an iced cap in the sun while chatting is a great time spent before a relaxing cuddle 💖💖

  • Hmm, interesting, $10 tips, that is nice and i am sure appreciated. Like you said, you never ask or expect it, that is the way to be. Have no expectations :-)

    Thats nice that you meet with them for coffee beforehand and that they offer to buy you a drink. Tip, go there real thirsty, and have a second one on them :-) But seriously, Pros like you are the best and deserve to be treated well, whether with tips or with just sincere thanks and appreciation and respect for you and your kind, caring service.

    Glad to see you are doing well in Florida and receiving some nice karma, you deserve it.

  • Thanks so much! You’re always so sweet to me 💖💖

  • I was under the impression that tips are for people in low wage jobs, not for a business owner who is making 100% of the profit.

  • @BlueIris we don’t make the full 100%. Cuddlecomfort takes 15% of every session. They certainly deserve though for helping us find some great cuddly clients 💖

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    Some profiles even say "tips appreciated" which translates to "gimmeh tips".

  • @Sheena123 100% of the profit is what you have after CC takes its 15%.

  • @BlueIris sorry I thought you were talking about before they take some of our profit.

  • Gratuity is at the discretion of the client, that's the truth of the matter.

    Some want to.
    Some don't.

    No big deal. 🙄 No need to be bothered about it if you don't want to tip, it's not expected, it's a gesture of appreciation of the person involved. That's the point.

    Talking down about it is a moot point as you are not the party involved, you don't get to decide what is right or wrong for someone else to do - it's their choice, and it's okay to choose what YOU feel is appropriate on YOUR time.

    But with gratuity, I do not feel the need to ask or ever expect a client to. That's not cool in my book. 😌💗

  • "I was under the impression that tips are for people in low wage jobs, not for a business owner who is making 100% of the profit."

    Tips are for when a client or customer appreciates a service beyond the fee paid and can afford to express their appreciation, regardless of what the fee was or how much the provider makes in a year or per hour. If someone feels the fee matches their appreciation, then no tip. If they feel they appreciate it a touch more, then they may tip. If they feel they appreciate it LESS than the fee paid, then they probably won't hire them again, ha.

    There are some services that it is a societal norm to tip, but that's not necessarily wage based. Some waitresses working at high end restaurants make a killing on tips. Should the guests tip them less because of that? I see it as just a part of the expense of eating out, not a gift I give someone who isn't making any money so they can buy their groceries. If I don't want to tip, I get take out or cook my own food. It's basically a tax I add on to my bill at the end of the night. If a restaurant advertised "living wages" for all their wait staff, I would still tip them.

    I also tip my personal service providers (pet sitters, for example) 10% at the end of the year. I appreciate them and want them to continue helping me out. My mom noticed that her maid was surprised the first time she gave her a tip at Christmas time. Ever since that year, she brings her chocolates at Christmas, lol. Sometimes a tip helps in encouraging a service provider to continue working with you and providing a quality service so you continue hiring them. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and valued.

    In this particular line of work, I understand it is a LOT of money for many people. So tips are not expected, nor is any judgment placed against someone who doesn't tip. But I do have some clients who can afford to choose to give me a tip, and I can say that it is greatly appreciated and really helps me continue doing this work and aiming to go wherever people need me to go...

  • I just feel that pro cuddler shouldn't tell their other clients about tips or even have it on their profile that tips are appreciated, because that also makes it sound like no-tips are not appreciated. Of course tips are appreciated, why would anyone need to say that? who wouldn't accept extra money ? after all if it wasn't for money a pro cuddler wouldn't cuddle with you right? So money is the primary driver behind all this cuddling that pros do with us...saying that tips are appreciated is kind of like stating the obvious, and often times I find that when people state the obvious they are doing it for other reasons that trying to provide information. in this case they're saying they expect tips or prefer clients who tip. that's how it can look.

  • Again, It's not up to you to dictate what goes on their profile, you are not the contractor, the Pro is.

    I do not appreciate nor agree with your sentiments that money is all there is for a Pro, it's cheapening and frankly boring to keep reading over and over as an actual professional and therapist. And any serious Pro who cares about their clients, reading your comments, guarantee agrees with that statement.

    And I know my constant clients that book with me would also not appreciate you cheapening a rather wonderful addition to comfort and relief from societal norms that is provided for them authentically. Additionally, the Pro's that you booked, read your words, so the disregard to them is also noticeable. Do you only care about your disagreement on something so small you insult the large part of this community? I really do not care either way, just interesting to observe what people deem appropriate to demoralizing and talking down about something they themselves are never in the shoes of and why they think that is any better than the complaints they originally started with.

    In fact, your opinion regarding Pro's hurts the industry more than helps.
    Your point is moot -- and rather tedious to keep talking to a wall.

    If you don't like it, don't contact them. Don't want to tip? Don't.
    Stay in your lane. The end.

    I do not understand why the concept is that hard to get over.
    Good luck. I'm off to enjoy my day and will be turning these notifications off for this post.

  • I do not understand why all views are not welcome here. This is a forum where all kinds of topics are discussed. I personally like variety and different takes. As long as there is no personal attacks all is welcome in my opinion.

  • Agree with @dharma1257 . I didn't take offense to @soloforever 's comment. Just stating an impression he gets when reading something specific on a professional's profile. Anyway, I was only defending that it's ok to tip if you want to, against people saying that you flat out shouldn't. Different people feel different ways in regards to this service and that's ok.

  • @soloforever it’s ok to have your own opinion on the matter. That is definitely what this forum is for ☺️ Maybe with the way it was worded here and there, it almost sounded like you were upset about pros writing about tips on their profile. I see your point. It’s not something I have on my profile, but when you write that they “shouldn’t” do that, it starts to sound more like a demand as opposed to a simple opinion. If you meant it to be just an opinion, then no worries ☺️ It is best to try to steer clear of saying we’re doing this solely for the money. Some pros that put their heart and soul into this like @adventurous feel animosity towards that point of view. You aren’t wrong in the sense that some really do only become pros solely for money, but it sounded like you lopped all pros into that category. I am definitely happy making money doing something I love and yes, I wouldn’t do this for free because my hubby and I agreed that sometimes this is viewed as a dating site and it’s best to keep the wall of professionalism up. By being a pro, it’s easier for cuddlers to differentiate between cuddling sessions and dating. If I did this for free, I know I could help so many others get the affection they need but then I would have to find a dull full time job that I wouldn’t enjoy and cuddle significantly less. Not all pros do it solely for money. I guess that’s one of my main points that I took forever to explain! Lol

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    i think if you can't leave honest opinions without feeling attacked...then everyone suffers...
    you will just hear from people saying they like your profile and the way it is...
    and that's fine..enjoy the loss of information

  • Tips in general are a weird phenomenon. Especially in the US, where in some contexts (like wait staff at a restaurant), tips are expected, not an extra bonus.

    Still, despite the general weirdness, I don't think it's that hard to figure out in pro cuddling. Tip if you want to; no one will have a problem if you don't.

    As for my personal practice, my tipping has declined somewhat over the year I've been cuddling. Maybe that's partly due to my increasing disillusionment about pro cuddling. Certainly if I'm already paying over $100/hour (which I generally don't do, but there are exceptions), I probably won't tip.

  • No tips in Japan.

  • If I tip, it's never less than 10%. A two hour session at 75/hr usually gets a $20 tip. At $100 per hour, I'm less inclined to tip.

  • @charlie954 , That’s very kind of you to open up your wallet for some pro cuddler who , is looking to make a few extra bucks on the side , and then you want to leave a tip on top of that !

  • @cuddlerforu24 Not all pros are only "looking to make a few extra bucks on the side." There are a growing number of legitimate professionals doing this full-time. 😇

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    @ubergigglefritz ,, yes agreed .

    We don’t know , the thread starters reason to hire a pro cuddler, he could be just seeking a “spiritual “ connection , or for recreational purposes. Perhaps he sees someone starting out as a pro cuddling business,and struggling to make it so he will still open up his wallet .
    And leave a little extra for a tip.

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