Tell me about your first time....

I am new to this and would love to hear from you more experienced cuddlers out there. It feels like such an awkward thing to meet someone for but so rewarding at the same time. How long did it take you to meet someone and what was it like?


  • Newbie here. I was apprehensive at first and very anxious about my first session. But I was just craving a good cuddle so I just went for it. My first time was this week with a pro and it was so much better than I expected. So much so I booked my second session with a different cuddler the next day. I'm hooked.

  • I found this site simply b/c I feel mother nature is 'urging' me to try it, I will explain. A little over a year ago, I happened apon a beautiful puppy hunter beagle. I named her Kiera, her previous 7month name was 'pumpkin', the home she came from had young children and the mother in the family could not care for her as they would have wanted.

    Anyway, it turns out she loves to cuddle. Right from the start with a little hesitiation, she requested to be in the bed with me, the first couple of times she needed to be picked up. But then staryed out cuddling by my feet and then as her confidence was building she requested under the blanket snugs, and now head presses my belly and shoulder.

    This sweet little geasture has gone a long way and opened up my eyes to offering comfort to others in need. I had survived a West Nile a deadly virus in 2012, even six years after that when I found her I was still having mild treamors in my hands and aches in my body. Now that I recieve passion & love from my snuggle buddy, I feel it is my obligation to offer love and affection to others in need!

  • That is a great way to look at it that I've never thought of. I am a huge animal lover, and love snuggling with them. I have a cat that I rescued three years ago that now loves to lay on me but only on her own terms in her own time. I can apply this to people too! Thank you for this 🤗

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