Hey Cuddle Conquers !!!!

im Rosepetal , just introducing myself !!!! cant wait to share my first experiences with you all

  1. was your first cuddle great or weird ?17 votes
    1. Great
    2. Weird


  • I'd say good. I had to remind him of boundaries and CC rules a couple times, but other than that, it was a mostly pleasant session.

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    Edited because: I realized after @bekah_cuddles comment, the OP was talking about first CC experience, not first cuddle experience ever.

  • Neither. It was a third option which you didn't provide.

  • Id say it was good, but in every way i could describe it id be describing weird. Probabky mostly on my part. Awkward might be a good word.

  • still havent had my first cuddle yet LOLOL
    but in no rush :) it will happen soon.. lots of request just been busy~~

  • My first cuddle was absolutely amazing, he set the standards high. It was in no way weird! I was nervous but that lasted probably 2 minutes. I had no clue what to expect but there wasn’t a second of awkwardness with him during any of our cuddles. We cuddled a few times after the initial one and now he is one of my dearest friends and confidants. Our cuddle times usually doubled as he is such a joy to be around, his personality is contagious and we have so much in common! Remember boundaries but definitely go into it with an open mind and just have fun.

  • My first cuddle with someone from this site was interesting. Not weird just interesting. We had spoken over about a two week time span and she invited over to stay the night. We were both instantly comfy with it, just she had a hard time with the whole cuddling without sexy time thing so it required a little redirection and time out. After that i decided unless i really have a good feeling about the person and where their head is at, prob not a good idea to do overnights.

  • Mine was great and dear. I was trepidatious but put at ease by my cuddle-buddy's easygoing, warm and sensitive manner. We snuggled at a movie, chatted outside the theater on the floor for a good 20 minutes, then he put the arm down between our seats. It was for me, incredibly sweet. I was walking on sunshine after and we're still buds even though I don't live near him. I'm looking forward to visiting the area again and having a second go at it sans movie.

  • My first cuddling experience was unbelievable. I just joined the site, not sure what to expect. i read all the forums, saw it was tough to meet non-pros so I found a pro cuddler that had karma and that I thought had a personality that I click with; placing my arms around her and talking with her was super relaxing, the conversation was fresh, it was the first time while relaxing I heard my heartbeat, and my breathing sounding relaxed; it was as closest I've been to a meditative state. I left feeling rejuvenated, grounded, recharged, and realizing that touch has been missing in my life. I found a community ! :)

  • Amazing. I had cuddles with my female cousin for over 3 years. It was so beautiful and loving. Because we were basically best friends since childhood, it was all the more special. I really miss her.

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    Pretty good overall I remember at the time how desperate I was for the need of affection from the lack of any I had for so long. A good action in my breakaway year to a better, healthier self. But it was a bit awkward for both of us.

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