Cook and cuddle?

Hey guys! Curiosity is biting me in the booty. This question is for everyone. Enthusiasts and pros. I’ve noticed a lot of pro accounts mentioning that they can cook and bake during a session. So my question is : How many of you would book a session with a pro or reach out to an enthusiast solely for the purpose of spending time in the kitchen?

I’m sure it’s quite therapeutic to some to bake some cookies while having a nice chat, but gearing towards the pros, if you are paying $80/hour, is it something you would love to do? Enthusiasts: would you love setting aside some cuddle time to devote to making a shepherds pie together?

  1. Would cooking or baking interest you in a cuddle session?24 votes
    1. No, I’m solely in it for the cuddles
    2. I don’t want to cook or bake, but have them do it for me.
    3. Yes, I would love to cook/bake with my cuddler.


  • Gosh, I'm all, this one sometimes, this one other times. I'd be over the moon if someone cooked or baked for me. I'd also be up for cooking and baking together if I enjoyed the person's company but I wouldn't be paying for it. But mostly, I'm in it for the cuddles.

  • Hey I love cooking and baking. If I can get someone else who enjoys both or either, doing it together would be a lot of fun.

  • a pro cooked for me before a session once. But I would not pay for this.

  • I have it as a discount on my profile along with movies and cuddling. I realized through my day job so many people I have come across never have home cooked meals. And to have someone take the time and cook, teach you to cook and share the meal is a great experience especially if it's good company. You pay more for less at a restaurant sometimes.

  • I’d love having something cooked or baked because I love food, but I wouldn’t necessarily want to pay for that part of the session. I’m all about the hugs and snugs.

  • I've had a couple of sessions where I've cooked some filipina dishes for clients. It was always combined w/cuddles afterwards. I discounted the time I was cooking and made sure to leave plenty of left overs. :)

  • First i want to say, this curiosity you are familiar with is a lot more kinky the the one i know. Booty biting seems kinky to me, so i apologize if that’s kink shaming.......

    But i think a cooking component would be awesome. I’m not much of a cook, but participating in the creation of some comfort food sounds good. But enjoying something you make in cooperation with someone else sounds even better.

    I like warm chocolate chip cookies or some good veggie heavy pasta in case anyone was wondering

  • That would be a great bonding experience to share with a non-pro. It's not something I would consider if I were paying for someone's time. I could just go to a restaurant if I want to pay for a meal.

  • Would cooking or baking interest you in a cuddle session? No, I’m solely in it for the cuddles. If i am paying a Pro for cuddling, i would only want cuddling and of course, possibly some conversation, but no time spent on cooking.

    However, if she wants to add that at no extra charge and hang out before or after and cook or bake together, or eat, that is definitely enticing and i would be open to that.

  • @dharma1257 - I agree. if it's a no cost extra and something to snack on during a short break from cuddling, that would be a desirable bonus, and something that might make me more inclined to repeat the experience.

  • A friend who used to be a pro cuddler would cook a nice dinner when doing overnight sessions . She didn't do this with hourly sessions as she felt it took away from the cuddling

  • I agree I would not pay someone to to cook or bake with me. I'd like it if they would want to do either with me. With my goofy and fun nature sharing this activity is a lot of fun. Used to bake with my best friend all the time.

  • I really enjoy cooking with some company, but at $80/hr I'll cook at home with the radio instead-

  • I love to cook and bake and a lot of the time I tend to have leftover treats I will send off with my clients :-) during my overnights, going out is nice to eat I do make a mean meal in 😉

  • If Im only booking for 60-90 mins Im just going to want to cuddle but if we're cuddling for multiple hours or doing an overnight I would be ok with cooking maybe because after all food is a necessity right ?

  • I love cooking for my cuddle buddies. It's one of the most nurturing things you can do for someone, especially if they travel a lot, or otherwise don't have a homemade meal often. Cooking and cuddles go together brilliantly.

  • Yeah paying for does change it for me, i couldn’t pay for that part.

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