What does this mean Member is muted

I wanted to send a message to someone, but a message comes up that says Member is muted.


  • From what i read : Someone can mute their account to stop appearing in searches for a week or so. They can still receive messages though.

    Try sending them a message and see if it goes through, is my suggestion.

  • I tried to send them a message, a message comes up saying you cant send a message. I looked at all the FAQ but could not find any info on this.

  • This is where i got the info, but maybe the person is wrong and they cannot receive messages? Keep checking back and maybe they will unmute themselves soon too.


  • Thanks for the info, I will check back with them later to see if they unmute the account. Sucks so few people that want to cuddle an older man, thankful for the ones that do.

  • Added to the FAQ now - "What does being "muted" mean?"

  • @DonLonG thanks. Anyone have a definition of "those you already know?"

  • People with whom you have previously exchanged messages.

  • Thanks everyone.

  • @quietman775 Thanks. So not favorites, not friends (though you likely have messaged them, I have one or two that I haven't, they just friended and at the time I accepted), just those with whom you've previously exchanged messages? Thanks. A nice feature for taking a rest.

  • Slight correction.... you have to have a message that is still open in your inbox as opposed to deleted (even if you e previously messaged before). The member who is “muting” can reach out to anyone not muted and make first contact. Once the “muted member” opens the communication then both people can message back and forth.
    Hope that makes sense. 😊it’s a lovely feature our fabulous overwatch committee added!!

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