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This might seem odd, posting here about another service company, but I checked about the rules on this, and they said as long as I wasn't advertising for that business, then it's okay. I'm definitely not advertising. If anything it's the opposite. And I did not know of any better place to pose this question.

But I have had some negative experiences corresponding with the "admins" of another company called "Snuggle Buddies" and I was wondering if it was a fluke and it was just me, or does anyone else have experience or knowledge of this particular company doing a poor job ?

All correspondence for this company must go through admins, as opposed to going directly with the Professional Cuddler, but almost every time I tried to do so, I received unprofessional service from them, or no response at all. Does anyone have any further insight into them ?


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    Y our cuddle request , goes to a co-ordinator , who fowards your request to the selected cuddler . If you have not heard anything ,

    You have been determined to be unsafe ,

    Or your selected cuddler is not availible at the moment , ( vacation , etc )

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    Thank you...must be a vacation

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    A lot of the legitimate cuddle professionals consider that site to be lower tier. Good if you are looking for someone who might offer additional services or looser boundaries. There are better places to find a professional if you legitimately want a real platonic cuddle session :-/ Just a matter of what you are looking for. Note that there are always exceptions and that I'm sure there are some good professionals on there, that is just the trend noticed...

  • The cuddler pros on that site are the same as the cuddle pros anywhere. In fact some of them are on multiple sites :)
    Disadvantage of that other site is you can't talk to pros directly but have to talk through the admin because he wants to make sure they pay him his fee.
    big advantage is that the max rate is 80 per hour.

  • There are a lot of negative stories about that site. They take like 40 percent from the girls and several have complained about not getting paid by the admin. I opted to pass on that one.

  • "The cuddler pros on that site are the same as the cuddle pros anywhere."

    I would quote the "pros" in your claim. In my connections of worldwide professionals in this industry, few are even on HERE, and this is a higher tier site than nearly all of the other database like cuddle websites. 😕 But again, it depends on what kind of professional you are looking for...

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