New Cuddler. Avoiding Creepy Factor

Hello, new cuddler here. Any advice for women on how to avoid Creepy interactions? It's my first day, and I can already see not everyone is here for the platonic.

Thanks in advance !


  • I’m not sure how to answer that. I think i try and focus on not appearing creepy. Not that I’ve been accused of that, but i believe I’d be cautious if i was a woman in any space.

  • Read the prior forum threads as there is much discussion about this and good luck! With proper screening and such, you can weed out the creepy factor and enjoy platonic cuddling! <3

  • Thanks so much for the feedback 🙂

  • karma is huge here, having cuddlers vouch for your sincerity and integrity is so important, in a day and age where anyone can say anything they want and be anyone they want, testimonials are huge, there will always be an element of risk but I found that out to be best

  • @Brynn
    I'd recommend some public meet-ups without any physical contact at all.

    Most creepy people are lazy and impatient, so would be discouraged by that ; and you can evaluate the others, by how they behave with you.

  • @Brynn - you could specify you only cuddle other women. I've noticed that in lots of profiles.

  • @UKGuy
    That just means the guys will start their emails, "I'm not a woman, but.. . ." 😀

  • I recommend reading past threads also! Helped me a lot when I first came to this site. Also, never doubt the power of your own intuition! If something feels off.. It probably is 😉

  • Most are pretty obvious. .they ask for body pictures. Etc. They're pretty stupid

  • I would suggest a public meet up. Ask for coffee or lunch first. If they are not willing to do that, they are not willing to respect your own comfort level. At that point, there are plenty of other cuddlers who would. Good luck in your search!

  • @Brynn
    Take your time screening people. Read the profiles of other pro women to get ideas about how to screen. Trust your gut. If someone doesn’t feel right, don’t cuddle with them. You don’t have to give a reason why.

  • Thanks for that feedback, MrPaul!

  • @geoff1000 , thanks so much for that.

  • Thanks so much, @missashley ! Have you had pretty good experiences on here?

  • @hikerincbus , great advice. That's exactly what I'm going to do.

  • As cliche as it sounds, I'd listen to your gut when messaging or otherwise interacting with someone new. If something feels off, then nine times out of ten, there is.

  • @UKGuy , but I don't want to cuddle other women so how would that help?

  • Thank you for the feedback, @BashfulLoner & @littermate !

  • <3 happy cuddling YOUR WAY!

  • [Deleted User]BusyBusGuy (deleted user)

    I'm new to this site and new to cuddling. Unfortunately my appearance tends to make me look creepy even though I'm a nice guy. I guess in today's society old guys are often seen as creepy. I was married for 21 years before losing my wife to cancer. I also have two grown daughters. I would treat any cuddle partner as I would expect my daughters to be treated if the cuddles. So when and if I get the opportunity to cuddle, it will be platonic as it should be. I just miss the closeness and am looking forward to cuddling.

  • @Brynn Since I haven't read how others message prospective cuddle partners, I don't know whether there is a noticeable difference in how someone with improper intentions would introduce himself and/or attempt to engage another on this site. Have you (or anyone else) noticed a distinctive pattern or manner of communicating that would help to quickly identify someone as "creepy"? Do they come right out and say what they want? Or do they hide their intentions until they have an in-person opportunity?

    I think that you have received some useful advice so far from the others.

  • Since karma was mentioned: I actually advise not to put too much stock into karma. IMO it's BS half the time. I suggest regarding a 5-star glowing karma review as not much more than "I interacted with this person and I'm still alive."

  • @BusyBusGuy you don't look creepy to me. You might consider a pic where your glasses are off and you're smiling. My two cents. Welcome. :)

  • Llllllllllmmmmmaaaooo , @mb0 ! I,ll keep that in mind.

  • @calineur , I've been highly educated in how the creepy guys reveal themselves. Discussion turns sexual very quickly and they ask to see more in the pics. I really didnt think this was that type of community but 😫

  • @BusyBusGuy , I dont think you look creepy either, but seeing your eyes in the pics would probably cut down on that perception.

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