Suggestions for how to get bookings in Australia ?

Hi I am Tanya from Sydney,Australia and need advice from other pros (esp.Australian ones),on how to appeal more to others to get bookings?Have just been made Pro and as yet have not got anything?Perhaps Aussie’s are bit funny bout all of thisvor is itvme?Any suggestions greatly appreciated🙂


  • “As yet have not got anything?” You literally just started. This is something that takes patience and is definitely not something that happens right away. Please check out the pro forum rather than the general threads. Also, not sure what “thisvor is itvme?

  • I'm curious how cuddling works in a place like Sydney where sex work is legal. I imagine if your service is less than the going rate of the average brothel there would be a market. I wonder if a brothel could double as a cuddling business? If it did then a potential customer could choose from a lineup. As I recall, sex work there is more common than fast food, fully licensed, all indoors, safe and they take debit cards.

  • [Deleted User]BigHugsPA (deleted user)

    @CreativeCuddles I believe that is to read, "about all of this or is it me?" :) (And I completely agree with your advice)

  • @BigHugsPA 😬 I was trying to hint that as a “pro” one should probably check the spelling in their profile as well as any post they make. Sometimes first impressions are everything!

  • Thanks y’all much appreciated 😊❤️

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