How to find a cuddle buddy without appearing creepy

[Deleted User]BusyBusGuy (deleted user)

At my age with white hair and glasses and tattoos, I imagine I come off as a creepy old man. I'm quite the opposite. I'm just a middle aged man who had been widowed, divorced and now single, who misses non sexual intimacy. What can J do to change how people see me?


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    @BusyBusGuy I hear your concerns with how the aging process had affected your self image to potential cuddlers. I think I hear you say your self image to others is important to you. And you are seeking ideas around to change your perceived perception of how you think your aging appearance make potential cuddlers see you. I hear you say you're a little unsure that you can still be appealing enough at your age to others for them to want to cuddle with you.

    Did I get that right?

    Welcome to the community. It is a diverse community. You will find folks who are willing to cuddle with folks of all ages. Just be open minded and patient

    Best wishes for Happy cuddling.

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